Hell froze over, I bought a Mac

For the longest time I've hated Mac's of every kind and color. I didn't hate my Apple IIC though, that was my very first computer and I think I still have a stash of 5.25" disks at my moms house with a word processing program and a number of games. I've been a MS Windows … Continue reading Hell froze over, I bought a Mac

Another Birthday Complete

My birthday has come and gone without a lot of fanfare but thats ok I liked having a low key birthday with my wife and daughter.  I have my new MacBook Pro from my father which covers all holidays for the year of 2011 that I'm currently playing with.  I also have my daughter which … Continue reading Another Birthday Complete

Are professional blogs necessary?

I subscribe to a bunch of sites and some of them regard recruiting. One of the suggestions that I've seen is to maintain a professional blog of some kind. I currently keep a personal blog (this one) but I don't keep a professional one because I don't see the need to. I can see how … Continue reading Are professional blogs necessary?

Why can’t we kill fax machines?

I've realized that in my years being in technology, it's just really hard as hell to kill off old technology. I go to different clients here and there and I hear about critical things running off of mainframes built 30 years ago that can't be replaced. One of the things that I see that can … Continue reading Why can’t we kill fax machines?