Country Fried Steak

This past week my wife went to Omaha Steaks since they were having a sale on package deals and one of the items she picked up was country fried steak. Normally I have country fried steak in places like Chili’s or some unique place when I am working in the South somewhere. I have to admit that the country fried steak from Omaha Steaks was pretty good. The wife made some mashed potatoes to go with it and the gravy (with added bacon bits) which made it extra awesome.

Normally I take pictures of my food but this time I didn’t since I was a bit hungry and I totally forgot to take a picture. Lucky for me there are two more in the freezer for next weekend so I’ll take a picture then. I’ve recently limited my food pictures for when I go out but I’ll make an exception this time.

It’s time to wait for my flight at FLL so I guess I’ll see if the new Netflix show Hemlock Grove is any good


It’s going to be a busy summer

Over the last year I have hoarded a lot of my vacation time. I’m expecting a nasty gram probably next month from the HR system at work saying that I need to take some vacation time since I’m almost maxed out for the year. Have no fear HR automated system, my vacations have been booked for the summer!

So far I have a trip scheduled for May, July, and August and I’m taking little chunks here and there and not full weeks so I can save a little time for when I want to take a really big trip next year.

Being the Disney fan that I am (and having an annual pass doesn’t hurt either) I will be heading to the House of Mouse sometime in May to celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary with the family. It’s only been a few months since I’ve been there but it’s always nice to go back once in a while and doing it off peak is key to getting on the good rides.

July is reserved for a cruise to the Bahamas. I’ll be going on Norwegian Cruises which I have never taken before but I’m hoping that they will be better than the “Fun Ships” that I have taken in the past. I’m supposedly making two different stops which I have never done before. Most of the time I just stop at Paradise Island and head over to Atlantis because I love their lazy river. The cabin has a port hole too according to my reservation so I will know when it’s morning instead of waking up to complete darkness.

August I’m going to the Bay Area for my friend Kim’s wedding. I’ve worked in the Bay Area since I had two clients out that way but I never had free time or got out of work early enough to actually explore the area. I’m making her wedding into a mini trip to see a little bit of the Bay Area, stuff myself silly, and visit the Sonoma Valley (I don’t drink wine so I’m not all that interested in seeing Napa).

I definitely excited for the summer since I have so many things planned, it should break up my travel schedule quite nicely for work so I’m not all burned out. Now I just have to wait until the summer gets here 🙂

Computers are still FASTER….. for some things

I’ve been trying to stop using a computer (not a computing device) for a lot of my day to day activities. Obviously for work I still need to use a computer but for my personal life I’ve been trying to get away from having to power one on. However there are just too many things that a computer can do that a tablet or smartphone can’t yet. I won’t list what all those things are but I’ll provide some examples that are relevant to me.

1) Editing Documents
I have Google Drive, Documents to Go, and Notability to take notes or edit documents on my phone or iPad. While the virtual keyboard is fine, it still doesn’t beat the old keyboard and mouse combo of my MacBook Pro or my Windows Desktop PC for sheer speed of just getting things done when it comes to heavy manipulation of “stuff”. Granted there isn’t a lot in my personal that requires me to do calculations or lookups in Excel but it’s still way easier and faster on a computer.

2) Storage of my junk
I’ll finally admit that I am a digital pack rat. I still have copies of stuff that I wrote in high school on my computer that I have transferred from computer to computer. I also have thousands of pictures that I have never uploaded to some photo site because it would just kill the bandwidth at home and then how would I watch Netflix? There is also all the videos I’ve collected that eats room and being able to edit those videos take power and precision that I don’t have on my tablet.

3) Multi-Tasking
The Android lovers will probably grin at this one but I do enjoy multi tasking. It’s not unusual for me to be using two computers at once and switching between them. Some would say I must need multiple monitors or something but I like doing certain tasks on certain computers and then the are things that I like doing on my tablet like reading that I don’t want to do on my computers at all.

I could almost put typing but I’m pretty good at using a tablet for creating simple things and the auto correct is actually decent on my iPad but there’s nothing like a good old fashioned keyboard some days. Tablets are catching up and I am definitely thinking of an upgrade soon to perhaps an iPad mini when it comes out in the fall, but I don’t expect to be computer free anytime soon. Besides what will my daughter learn to code on if I take away the computers?

So close to 1,000,000 HHonors Points!

I’ve been traveling for quite a long time to New Jersey and staying at the DoubleTree there which is a Hilton property. Since I am at Diamond level, I get a lot of points per stay which can translate into a ton of free stays. Just a few weeks ago I was really close to reaching one million points (this is overall reward points and not base points). I think I had something like 973,000 points but I read a travel post that said that Hilton was switching from a 7 tier reward system to a 10 tier system in a couple of days. That would have meant that some of the hotels that I wanted to stay at would be mo expensive in terms of points.

In order to avoid getting the short end of the stick, I decided to book my summer trips to San Francisco and Orlando before they system changed. This resulted in my utilizing over 200,000 points which has set me back a little bit in trying to achieve my 1,000,000 point mark. Nothing special happens when I reach 1,000,000 I just want to see the number in my account just once. I’m down to 738,000 but I think I can get to 1,000,000 by December. It’s almost a little sad how much I do travel but at least I’m getting something out of it.

Where is my MTV?

I will admit that as a child I was one of the uncool kids whose parents didn’t want to pay for TV. This means that when MTV first came out in the 80’s I had to do without and just watch regular old cartoons on network TV and listen to things like a real radio station and hope that they actually said the title of the song and the artist at some point. This lack of music television was somewhat resolved when I went to UMass but it wasn’t the same. The cheapskates at UMass thought they could cheapen out by offering MuchMusic which was the Canadian answer to MTV. I really didn’t start getting MTV until I was out of school and living on my own. Now in the early 2000’s MTV started this weird transformation by showing reality TV instead of music. This was kind of weird since I waited so long to get MTV and now they were butchering it by showing crap like The Real World and Laguna Beach.

Lets fast forward to today. I follow a band called Paramore on twitter because I happen to like their music. They were going to have a launch party on MTV at 5PM but according to my TV Guide app the only thing that was on was some weak ass show called 16 and Pregnant. MTV doesn’t show a lot of music anymore so I’m failing to see their relevance in the music world these days. Basic cable doesn’t get you MTV2 and MTV3 where they might be showing music but that doesn’t help the masses that are stuck with the original channel and can only see reality TV crap all day long. So now I question whether MTV should even keep their name since they clearly don’t even show music anymore or even music specials beyond their really weak music awards show.

Someone over there needs to get a clue and start showing music again or at least change the name of the station so we’re not all lead to believe that actual music might be shown on their station. Oh and btw, their website sucks too, I’d much rather watch music videos on Vivo since at least they bill themselves as a music website and actually show music videos and not reality TV garbage.