Cruise to the Bahamas

This 4th of July I'm taking a 3 day cruise on the Carnival Fascination to the Bahamas where I will be enjoying myself at the Atlantis resort. I've already started my packing list but I haven't actually packed anything yet. The challenging part of all this will be having enough clothes that are clean that … Continue reading Cruise to the Bahamas

New Asics for me

Today my wife was kind enough to get me some new sneakers so that I can start running again. Right now I still can't go running for about 3 weeks and my left foot still hurts so I'm taking it easy. I saw these Asics online on Runners World and it got one of the … Continue reading New Asics for me

Fixed my sunglasses

I currently own a pair of Bolle Meanstreak sunglasses which I was looking to replace this summer if at all possible. Unfortunately all the sunglasses I've tried, I'm unable to use because my eyesight is so bad. My lenses basically have to be straight and not curved. What I may try and do is get … Continue reading Fixed my sunglasses

MS Project….. How I loathe thee!

Being a Consultant a lot of my work is tracked and entered in a little tool called Microsoft Project. For those that have no idea what I'm talking about, thats ok because most of us that use the tool see little value in it as well, at least I do. A lot of projects I've … Continue reading MS Project….. How I loathe thee!

Summer Travel is Gonna Suck!

If this past week was any indication, this summer is going to totally suck for flying. I had to fly home early this past week due to some personal stuff happening here at home but I scheduled out my normal flights and all that jazz. Getting to Memphis didn't pose any problem at all, just … Continue reading Summer Travel is Gonna Suck!