Girls = Evil

I got this from my friend Luu's blog, its just too funny!" First we state that girls require time and moneyGirls = Time x MoneyAnd as we all know "time is money"Time = MoneyThereforeGirls = Money x Money =(Money)2And because "money is the root of all evil"Money = square root of "evil"ThereforeGirls = (square root … Continue reading Girls = Evil

Cats in heat

Let me be clear on this, these two cats do not belong to me. They actually belong to my sister in law. She just recently got the gray one (the current name is Silver but it'll change soon) and the orange one is her original cat Tigger.Tigger is neutered but Silver isn't spayed so I'm … Continue reading Cats in heat

The blue screen of death

Everyone who's ever used Windows knows of this magical screen. It's big, its bad, its blue, and very cryptic. All you know is that you have to restart your computer and pray it doesn't happen again. I just got one trying to view game footage on Thats the first time in months that I've … Continue reading The blue screen of death

Day after Thanksgiving maddness!

The day after Thanksgiving is the day that everyone has great sales and everything but I hae to wonder whether or not its worth it. Nit only is it way crowded, you have to get up early so the stuff you want isn't sold out by 8am. Almost all the stuff I'm going to be … Continue reading Day after Thanksgiving maddness!