Got a new MacBook Pro!

Yesterday was Apples WWDC and while normally it's software focused, yesterday they announced a bunch of hardware updates.  One of those updates was to the MacBook Pro which received the Kaby Lake processors.  Out of everything yesterday this is the only news I really cared about since it triggered my "buy" order on the Apple … Continue reading Got a new MacBook Pro!

Can I get a thin and light laptop with ports please?

  The new trend of thin and light isn't new but the killing of ports in the name of thin and light computers is just getting silly.  I watched a YouTube video last night where they were showing off the latest Surface Laptop and the one thing almost none of the videos I saw addressed … Continue reading Can I get a thin and light laptop with ports please?

Struggling with my MacBook Pro

I spent a good amount of the afternoon struggling with my MacBook Pro because for some reason it wouldn't boot up.  During the boot sequence I kept on getting green lines going horizontally across the screen and it would never finish its boot sequence, the computer would just stay at a blank white screen and … Continue reading Struggling with my MacBook Pro

Upgrading to macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra is upon us and I decided to upgrade my 2011 MacBook Pro to the new operating system.  My computer is pretty old by most accounts.  I can't take advantage of cool things such as AirDrop (they introduced that as a major feature in 2012) but my Mac is still getting the job done … Continue reading Upgrading to macOS Sierra

Re-Installing Windows Still SUCKS

I managed to royally screw up my daughter's computer when I was trying to delete the recovery partition because I wanted the latest and greatest Windows 10 updates.  The screw up was so bad that I am actually re-installing Windows 10 right now.  I haven't done this in a long time and it brings back … Continue reading Re-Installing Windows Still SUCKS

Finally upgrading my 2011 MacBook Pro Hard Drive to an SSD

After so many years, I'm going to upgrade the drive thats in my 2011 MacBook Pro to an SSD.  I've been struggling with my 750GB hard drive for a while now even though the computer is only 4 years old but I've run into space problems numerous times now.  I've moved my iOS device backups … Continue reading Finally upgrading my 2011 MacBook Pro Hard Drive to an SSD

Winter Cleaning for the MacBook Pro

Normally people use Spring as the season to clean things up since its the time that people can leave their houses after Winter. Since I'm cleaning up my MacBook Pro and its sunny in Florida, I figure why not use my daughters nap times to do some cleaning up. I know where most of the … Continue reading Winter Cleaning for the MacBook Pro

iPhoto and iMovie FAIL

iPhoto and iMovie has failed me recently and I don't get why that is. I take movies with my iPhone and I import them into iPhoto on my MacBook Pro to save them. I have used iMovie before to import videos from iPhoto but since I updated to Mountain Lion it doesn't seem that iMovie … Continue reading iPhoto and iMovie FAIL