More iPhone woes!

It would appear that my ordeal with my iPhone is still continuing and its frustrating me to no end!  A couple of weeks ago my computer decided to crash and I lost all my apps and settings including my iTunes library and playlists.  That by itself sucked royally and I'm not even close to being … Continue reading More iPhone woes!

It’s not a good weekend for my tech

Well this weekend has been a total bust when it comes to the technology I use at home. I've spent the better part of the weekend trying to get everything back in working order and its taken hours to get there (I'm still doing updates right now). I was hoping for a nice quiet weekend … Continue reading It’s not a good weekend for my tech

Digital Downloads Rule

I might have blogged about this before but I can't remember.  I bought the movie UP on DVD today since I'm big into Pixar and Disney films and I'm trying to grow my personal collection.  Anyway, that's not the point of this blog post anyway.  What was cool is that it came with a digital … Continue reading Digital Downloads Rule

Battle of the free Twitter apps

I have been using Tweetdeck for iPhone since I got my iPhone a month or so ago. I haven't tried other Twitter apps until now, enter Twitterefic! I'm testing out this Twitter app just for fun an to see what the differences are. First up is Tweetdeck! I've used Tweetdeck for a while and I'm … Continue reading Battle of the free Twitter apps