Digital Downloads Rule

I might have blogged about this before but I can’t remember.  I bought the movie UP on DVD today since I’m big into Pixar and Disney films and I’m trying to grow my personal collection.  Anyway, that’s not the point of this blog post anyway.  What was cool is that it came with a digital download so I can get the movie for my iPod/iPhone.  You pay a little bit more up front (roughly the cost of the movie if you were going to buy it on iTunes) but its still a cool thing to get when you get a DVD.  I’ve gotten digital downloads for a few of my past DVD’s but some were better than others.

Disney always has good digital downloads and they’re always available on iTunes.  This lets me take my videos with me on the go while I’m traveling all around the country.  There are some other videos that I have that have some good digital downloads but most of them don’t have the feature yet.  An example of a bad digital download was the recent one for my latest set of South Park DVD’s.  They were only available for Windows Media Player so it wasn’t compatible with my iPhone which was unfortunate.  I’m hoping that in the future they’ll offer it in iTunes format.  What would be great is if they offered packages like they do for DVD’s at a discounted price.

I recently bought Transformers 2 and I haven’t been able to find a digital download version of that movie anywhere.  That was an excellent movie and I have the first movie for my iPhone but not having the second kind of stinks.  I’m hoping that it comes out soon so I can get a version of it to take on the go.  Now my next purchase (there were a lot of good movies this summer) is going to be Star Trek.  Booyah, I hope that one has a digital download so I can take that one on the go too.

Movie studios need to realize that the digital age is the way to go.  As good as Blue Ray and DVD are as mediums to watch at home, a lot of people are out on the road and portable most of the time and watching a show or movie on your lunch break is a great way to pass the time rather than surfing the web.  Time to finish my upload to my iPhone!


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