Whoohoo Mario Baseball!

I just got Mario Superstar Baseball for my GameCube and its freakin awesome! I thought it might be fairly simple to play but I’m getting my ass kicked by the computer all the time because I don’t know how to steal bases or go back to base when I’m caught on a fly out and it normally results in a double play. But I have to say its damn fun and the special moves of some of these players are kick ass. I should probably read the manual so I can begin to play better.


Sweet new shirts

My wife just got me some Crazy Shirts. It’s a store in Hawaii that has all these great prints. Check out some of the neat shirts I’m getting this time 🙂 Copy and paste my link to get to the online store -> www.crazyshirts.com

This one is Crater dyed, I like the look of the mask.

This one is a long sleeve that I got on the suggestion from my wife, she has better taste than I do in clothes and I’ll use this in the winter time.

This one is SUPER sweet looking. I like that its a black shirt although I think it would have been ultra sweet as a long sleeve too but its too hot in Florida to warrant one.

Burnout Revenge is AWESOME

I went to Best Buy today just for the hell of it since I was already in the area with my wife. I walked in and spied a huge plasma screen TV with an Xbox and it was playing a game that looked a lot like Burnout3 but it was updated……. hmmmmmmm…….. that got the cogs in the brain working. I sat down and played it and lo and behold it was a demo of Burnout Revenge!

I gotta say this game is so freakin sweet. I was able to take short cuts, hit cars and do all types of other crazy shit. I am definately getting this game when it comes out without question!! 🙂

Slowly but surely

I’ve been playing my game Metal Arms off and on for the past two weeks and yesterday I progressed through three levels that were quite challenging. I have determined that I don’t enjoy going in guns blazing all the time in this game because that normally gets me all shot up and killed pretty quick. I’ve taken to sniping at things a lot in the past few levels since the bad guys are just so freakin hard.

A good example would be yesterday. There was this flying thing thats a bitch to kill since it has 6 laser guns, 4 rocket launchers, and it can FLY! For this section, there were two of them. I messed up when I tried to kill the first one (that appeared from thin air, that really pissed me off) and I wasted my EMP grenade so I couldn’t disable it. I had to try and kill the bastard the old fashioned way and lost half my health.

Since I didn’t feel like dying and starting all over again, I used my sniper scope and just started looking around for enemies and killing them with a few head shots. After eliminating like 5 bots this way, I scanned the sky just to be on the safe side and I found another one of those blasted flying things floating around. Being the sneaky bastard that I am, I stood behind some cover and just used all my sniper ammo on it until it died, very satisfying and I saved a lot of health. I guess we’ll see how the rest of the game goes, I think about half way through even though I’ve gone through about 20 levels. Only another 20 to go!

Google Desktop Search 2 Beta

I have the new Google desktop search app on my work computer. I was using the MSN one which worked very well I might add but I figured I’d give this thing a try. I like how its a side bar and has all these neat little modules and stuff like weather, stocks, blogs, the sticky pad, and the news. All these things seem to work pretty well so far.

However there is one module that doesn’t work and thats the Gmail tool. It’s supposed to grab new gmail and show it to you on the sidebar but it does this so slowly, I’m still using my Gmail notifier that I got way back. I prefer to experiment with my work PC than do it at home so as not to corrupt my install. So for the forseeable future, I’m sticking with the MSN search at home.