Hurricane Season is almost here again

It's the end of May and that means Hurricane Season will be in full swing shortly. I haven't even stocked up on any hurricane supplies yet so that should probably go to the top of the shopping list in the next few weeks.I survived last season without a scratch because no hurricanes came by South … Continue reading Hurricane Season is almost here again

Joining the Bluetooth Age

Today is the day my new Bluetooth headset is going to be delivered. I have come to realize that I talk a great deal on my cell phone and I'm getting a bit tired of always holding it to my ear. So I have decided to get a new headset that I'll take with me … Continue reading Joining the Bluetooth Age

The great sunglasses search

I've been looking for a new pair of sunglasses recently and I must say that it has been quite the challenge. By any measure, my eyesight really sucks. Without my glasses I can barely read what I'm typing on my computer without getting within maybe 6 inches from the screen. I decided to try and … Continue reading The great sunglasses search

It’s all f’ed up in ATL

I'm writing this post from ATL airport and something just isn't right. There are people everywhere rushing to their connections. I come here fairly frequently and I've never seen this place like this. He line to get to Terminals T-B was HUGE, there had to be at least 100 people waiting to get on the … Continue reading It’s all f’ed up in ATL