US Airlines Suck

As I'm writing my latest rant I'm sitting in the 45th row on an 757 Delta Airlines plane going from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale. As the title implies I am quite dis-satisfied with American air carriers. I had a sweet ass seat in row 21 which is close to the exit yet far from the bathroom and not in the ass end of the plane. Do to some prime idiocy by the gate agents, my sweet ass seat was probably given to some schmuck with no status. I've flown nearly 100K miles with Delta and have Gold status which gives me first pick of seats. Sitting me in the ass end of the plane is not the way to treat a frequent flyer.

In the past I've flown some international carriers like KLM, SAS, Singapore Air, and British Airways. From what I've heard their services far outstrip anything the American carriers offer. I would like an opportunity to fly United Arab Emirates, I hear their service is fantastic and they know how to treat their passengers well. It seems that with American carriers, we're all just cattle to haul while constantly charging for crap that used to be free or included with the price of the fare. I have noticed also a shift in attitude by air carriers that they just don't care because they have no one to compete against but each other in the US market. They can continue to fleece the consumer while whining they are losing money so they have to increase fares or start charging for stuff like FOOD. Bullshit! I think that the way to save the consumer is to let the international carriers into the market and let them compete. I'm sure that things will get better. If it gets worse they can be kicked out of the market again or people will just refuse to fly them.

So to the whores at Delta, learn to treat your frequent flyers well, we're the ones that are keeping you in business. If not for my Gold status I'd be giving my business to Air Tran and they used to be Value Jet! Now that's kinda scary when you consider their saftey record but at least they know how to treat the consumer a bit better than you old codgers.

Bring me Continental! At least they still give me food!!!

Ok that's the rant for now. We'll see if these turds upgrade me next week or not.


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