Home for my Anniversary

I was originally going to be home this entire week but circumstances at work had me out at my client site. I was able to negotiate a way to come home in time for my 3rd Wedding Anniversary. I’m all about the Work/Life balance and there are some dates that I will always take off no matter what and my anniversary is one of those dates.

Anyway… I made it home by Wednesday afternoon just in time for dinner. Unfortunately my wife had to work late so we were a little behind in eating. I did go over budget this year but I actually succeeded in getting her gifts that she actually wanted and not something that was really cheesy. I got her a kick ass bracelet from Swarovski and sneakers from Coach.

For me, my wife got me some Swarovski crystal bears that I’m going to add to my growing collection. One day I’ll put them in a nice glass case to display.

The best part was that my wife made my favorite food for dinner and also baked us a cake that was the same flavor as our wedding cake that we had 3 years ago. She’s big on baking now and makes a pretty good cake. I’ll have to get her a Kitchenaid stand mixer one of these days. OK, still bored but I don’t want to blog anymore. Thats it!


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