Joining the Bluetooth Age

Today is the day my new Bluetooth headset is going to be delivered. I have come to realize that I talk a great deal on my cell phone and I’m getting a bit tired of always holding it to my ear. So I have decided to get a new headset that I’ll take with me on the road. This should make things a bit easier when I call home or if I have to wait on hold for something.

I used my sister in laws Bluetooth headset on and off for a bit but I couldn’t take it with me because of the color. I liked how it worked while I was here at home. I picked Motorola since they have worked with my Treo 700p in the past and I have no reason to doubt that it will work again. Will this mean I’m going to spend more time on the phone? Probably not because it eats my minutes but I’ll now be in compliance with the law by using a hands free device while driving. I might give my opinion on how it works later next week after I’ve had it with me for a bit. Hurry up and deliver my shit UPS!!


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