Hurricane Season is almost here again

It's the end of May and that means Hurricane Season will be in full swing shortly. I haven't even stocked up on any hurricane supplies yet so that should probably go to the top of the shopping list in the next few weeks.

I survived last season without a scratch because no hurricanes came by South Florida. I don't know if that will be the case this year but I hope it will be since that sort of things makes things disruptive for my job and my family life. I already have a generator which should be sufficient for powering at least my fridge and a few other things, and I have shutters to protect my windows from being blown in. The big thing I need is probably batteries and food. I have a grill that uses gasas well as a backup camping grill plus some gas canisters for that. I've lived in Florida for 5 years and I've survived my share of hurricanes already but I just want to continue seeing them pass me by and leave me alone. Less headaches are good because it means less gray hair. Ha!


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