New License Plate

I’ve been living in FL for around 5 years now and I changed my car registration when I moved to Tampa and got some new plates for my car. I know I read this somewhere when I registered my car, every 5 years or so they give you new plates because the reflective sheen on the plate wears off or something stupid like that. Personally my plates are fine and I like the license plate number that they gave me. It even still says Hillsborough County on it which is sweet.

Yesterday I went and checked the mail and was a little surprised to find a new license plate in the mail. When I read about them giving me a new license plate every 5 years or so when I moved to Tampa I thought that they would just give me a duplicate of my current plate. This doesn’t seem to be the case because I have a totally different license plate now. I really liked my old one and I’m not anxious to put the new one on. I also have to memorize a completely new license plate number and I just finished memorizing my old one. When I lived in CT and had my car registered in NY, it didn’t matter how old your plates were, they just gave you a little sticker to stick in the corner and that was that for the most part. I know somewhere in NY there are still some people driving around with the classic orange license plate or even the one that features the Statue of Liberty

If I’m feeling up to it I’ll put my new license plate on this weekend but I won’t be happy about it. I will wash my old plate and keep it.


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