My iPod is working again…….I think

I tried a little experiment this weekend after I was done with my chores and build outs of things that needed assembly. I decided to dust off my iPod which I hadn't touched in 2 weeks to see if it would work again. By this time I totally discharged the thing so the memory was … Continue reading My iPod is working again…….I think

I can’t find the camera so I can’t post pictures

I've been meaning to take some pictures of the new townhouse I'm in now but I can't seem to find the camera anywhere. I've looked sort of but not really. There were tons of boxes to unpack and then all the stuff that my wife and I bought to make the place comfortable. There are … Continue reading I can’t find the camera so I can’t post pictures

A weekend of building and buying

This weekend was full of lots of buying and building and of course it was all for the townhouse. My wife and her sister wanted grills so they went out and got a couple of them at Sears so that we can start to grill stuff like fish, steak, veggies, chicken....... basically if it can … Continue reading A weekend of building and buying

Putting up the blinds

This weekend I was going to attempt to put up the blinds in the townhouse and boy did I dismally fail! I tried lots of different wall anchors, some cement bolts because my townhouse is made of poured cement and drilled a few holes into the wall and didn't get one single blind up. My … Continue reading Putting up the blinds

Some funny math

I was reading BetaNews this weekend just to keep myself updated on the movings and shakings in the IT world when I saw an article about Sony and their PS3. Link! It seems that they're popping the champagne about selling 1 million PS3's but if you read the article, they have maybe sold around 750K … Continue reading Some funny math

It’s all coming together

So far I've spent at least a week and a half to two weeks at my new townhouse and I gotta say its pretty sweet. There's a hell of a lot more cleaning involved though because there is so much more square footage to cover. But thankfully, we have all the furniture that we ordered, … Continue reading It’s all coming together