My iPod is working again…….I think

I tried a little experiment this weekend after I was done with my chores and build outs of things that needed assembly. I decided to dust off my iPod which I hadn’t touched in 2 weeks to see if it would work again. By this time I totally discharged the thing so the memory was probably erased and reset. I hooked it up to my computer and it actually started to sync up my songs without freezing! The ultimate test was this morning though, when I hooked it up to my iTrip and tried it out to see if it would actually play any songs. It actually worked!!! I’m not holding my breath though, this is probably temporary but at least I won’t have to listen to the radio for a little bit. I’m going to invest in a new iPod Nano most likely because it doesn’t use a hard drive. I wish it came in a 20Gig version since i have 12 gigs of songs but eh, I guess thats asking too much from Apple.

I can’t find the camera so I can’t post pictures

I’ve been meaning to take some pictures of the new townhouse I’m in now but I can’t seem to find the camera anywhere. I’ve looked sort of but not really. There were tons of boxes to unpack and then all the stuff that my wife and I bought to make the place comfortable. There are still lots of little things like pictures and stuff to hang on the walls and 3 ceiling fans that need to go up (although I need a really tall ladder to put these bad boys up) but all in all, its definitely starting to feel like home. My cats seem to be liking the new home as well with 2 different couches to sleep on and more rooms and such to explore and sniff around. I think they like the office the best when I’m in there or my wife is, they tend to hang out where we are most of the time and really enjoy the office chair.

I’m sure the camera is around somewhere and once I find it I’ll take pictures and post it up on Flickr or something. It’ll show up on the lovely little badge I have on my blog. I’d post one of those Slide Shows that a lot of people have on MySpace but I’m too lazy to do that. Besides, I want people to work to see my pictures and not have random people see it on my MySpace page which I barely maintain as it is.

A weekend of building and buying

This weekend was full of lots of buying and building and of course it was all for the townhouse. My wife and her sister wanted grills so they went out and got a couple of them at Sears so that we can start to grill stuff like fish, steak, veggies, chicken……. basically if it can be thrown a grill, they’ll probably make it. I would say that I spent the better part of Saturday morning putting mine together here at my place trying to figure out how everything fit together. What should have taken maybe an hour took me around 2 instead but thats because I was trying to make sure I put it together right. I was pretty happy that I actually got the thing together correctly and didn’t have a ton of extra parts as I sometimes do when I put things together. After I finished I went ahead and put it in the front courtyard near the kitchen so its all ready to go for some grilling.

After that was all done, I went over to my sister in laws place to put hers together. Her grill was much easier to put together since I just finished assembling mine and had a good idea of where everything went so it only took 30 minutes to put hers together. We actually used hers thats night for dinner to cook some salmon for dinner which was pretty nice. At least the thing didn’t blow up which would have totally been a bad thing.

The townhouse also got a house warming gift as well courtesy of my wife. She got a beautiful 42″ plasma TV for the bedroom 🙂 We didn’t have a TV in the bedroom because we didn’t want to spend a lot of time in there while ignoring the rest of the townhouse but after living here a few weeks it became apparent that a TV would be beneficial. Next Saturday its going to be mounted on the bedroom wall, right now I have it on the dresser. Since its all high definition and all that jazz, our regular DVD players weren’t going to cut it. I attempted to use the Sony DVD player that my wife bought me when we were still dating around 8 years ago and we found the picture quality lacking. So whats a guy to do but buy a DVD player that has HDMI outputs! I must say that the picture quality is much improved when you hook it up with HDMI. I didn’t spring for Blue Ray or HD-DVD yet because the prices are just too steep right now and I don’t see the big deal with HD DVD’s when the regular ones seem just fine. Needless to say, I’m going to be enjoying this new setup for years to come 🙂 YAY!

A productive weekend

This past weekend was very productive. I had a lot of help from my wife and father in law but a lot of things at the house were done. Since my father in law is pretty handy around the house he’s been helping out a lot with the blinds by drilling holes and putting them up for me and my wife. In the mean time, my wife went out and bought all the ceiling fans and the chandelier for the house so I was glad about that.

Today I decided to take a crack at the office ceiling fan and the chandalier. I did the ceiling fan first in the office because it didn’t look all that difficult to accomplish and the ceilings downstairs are decidedly lower than the ones upstairs which are about 15 feet high. It took me basically the entire morning just trying to figure out how to wire the fan correctly since I’m not that great with electrical stuff. The fan that my wife bought for the office has a remote so that made things a bit more challenging since the housing for the remote had to be wedged in with all the other electrical stuff near the ceiling. However, I have to say that by around 1pm I was successful and the ceiling fan is working quite well 🙂

The chandalier was a bit different because I had no idea how to get this one assembled. I managed to get it out of the box and I also attached most of the non breakable parts to it and even managed to string all the wiring to the ceiling but there was at least 10 feet of wire and that just wouldn’t do when all I really needed was a foot and a half. My father in law helped me a lot with this one since he has all the good tools and the know how on how to put it up. I ended up just helping him while he rewired everything and screwed it into the ceiling. I was able to at least shorten the chain that leads down from the ceiling to the chandalier but I also broke one of the test light bulbs I was using so that was a drag since I had to go to home depot to replace it. But by the time I got back it was all assembled and ready to go. The light is way brighter than the little light the builder originally put in.

Now all thats left is 3 more fans and some more blinds and some of the bigger stuff will be complete! Man, can’t wait! It’s late as hell and I have work nice and early tomorrow morning, if I have the time maybe I’ll make another post tomorrow or something.

MIA is dirty

I'm sitting here in Miami International airport waiting for my flight to begin boarding. I had a pizza for dinner and decided to lounge and make some phone calls from the waiting area. In my area I encountered a little furry friend ie form of a small mouse. I've been watching it pop out of its hole in the wall by the window and scurry around trying to find niblets of food. I'm sure most airports have their fair share of mice and all but this is the first time I've seen one scurry around near people. The little bugger is fast too and I was able to make it jump in the air by snapping my fingers at it. I can tolerate a dirty airport but the fact that I've seen this little guy out in the open moves MIA to the top of my shitty airport list, now that's impressive because I thought no one could top JFK and steal its crown. Man alive this town sucks! Give me FTL any day.

Putting up the blinds

This weekend I was going to attempt to put up the blinds in the townhouse and boy did I dismally fail! I tried lots of different wall anchors, some cement bolts because my townhouse is made of poured cement and drilled a few holes into the wall and didn’t get one single blind up. My father in law was nice enough to come by with his friend Julio and he was able to put up 2 blinds after he figured out I was using the wrong types of anchors and screws. He also had all the power tools and bits I probably needed to do the job but just don’t have because I’m not so big into power tools except my electric screw driver that I use to assemble simple furniture. After the blinds go up, it might be time for the ceiling fans, that should be interesting since the ceilings upstairs are around 15 feet high………. Ah home ownership, gotta love it sometimes.

Some funny math

I was reading BetaNews this weekend just to keep myself updated on the movings and shakings in the IT world when I saw an article about Sony and their PS3. Link! It seems that they’re popping the champagne about selling 1 million PS3’s but if you read the article, they have maybe sold around 750K of them in actuality. Hm….. who the hell are their accountants? That kind of math is just way out there and I would totally look into their finances to see if they fudged anything on their balance sheet, last I heard 750K doesn’t equal 1 Mil in any way, shape or form.