Finally Moved In!

First and foremost Happy New Year to all the people that are reading this.  It's been a while since I've posted a blog but I've been very busy over the holidays moving into my new place and all that goes with it (including no internet access yet).  Basically I'll give a summary of what happened over the past week.
December 27 – The Closing
This is the all important day for me and my wife.  On this day we actually closed on our townhouse.  The meeting took about two hours to sign every piece of paper that was put towards us.  I didn't know that there were so many damn papers to sign when closing on a home.  I don't think I want to experience that again personally.  The good thing is that there were pretty much no problems with the documents that were prepared.  I'm told that is highly unusual that everything is in place for closing but I'll just take my good fortune and go about my business.  After closing, getting our keys, a bottle of champagne, and dropping a ton on closing costs, we headed over to the complex to get the gate transponders so we can come and go as we please as well as the garage door openers.  Unfortunately this took about half an hour because the person that was assisting us was moving at a snails pace.  It doesn't take half an hour to get us transponders for a gate.  Also for the privilege of using the gym facilities, we had to drop a little bit of money for a key, only one per household so they can control who goes in and out.
Next we decided to head over to the townhouse and go through the garage and unpack some stuff that we brought with us.  We also decided to make a trip or two to the storage unit to unload some of the boxes we had rather than have movers do it for us.  We ended up going out later and getting all sorts of cleaning supplies so that we could begin cleaning the place in the following days since there was a small layer of construction dust on everything.  Needless to say we didn't stay there that night because we had no furniture or bed.
December 28 – Another uneventful day
Not much happened on Thursday except shuttling boxes to the townhouse after work and cleaning up at my sister in laws place.  My cats were still in quarantine because they were declawed recently since they both have a destructive streak in them and love to tear into furniture and carpet.  The packing was basically completed and everything boxed up and ready to go so that we would be ready for our move New Years weekend.  Also we hired painters and they surprised my wife by calling her at work to say they were ready to paint.  We really didn't expect them until this week but since they had time she had to drive all the way to Pembroke Pines from Ft. Lauderdale to let them in so they could begin.  I went over after work to see how the paint was coming along and I was impressed how fast they did everything.  The colors my wife chose looked good, but the real fun was on Friday……..
December 29 – Furniture and Paint
Ahh Friday, nothing like a day off of work to end a week.  The painters were there nice and early at 8am (I wish could have slept in).  I brought more boxes with me and dumped them in various closets.  I let the painters in and they went right to work.  So it wasn't so silent I provided entertainment by blasting music from my Bose computer speakers that I hooked up to my iPod.  I didn't know much about what colors went where so at one point in the morning I called my wife to tell her the progress on the paint.  Apparently the guy in charge told them the wrong colors for the great room and the upstairs loft.  The entire downstairs was supposed to have green paint of various hues and the upstairs a brown paint of various hues as well.  The upstairs loft had green and the downstairs great room had brown.  I asked him for the color swatches since I didn't have them and told him the colors needed to be switched.  So a job that should have been finished by noon took the rest of the day which totally stunk for them and for me because they were in the house that much longer.  At around 1pm, I got a call from the front gate telling me that furniture was coming in.  Of course this is totally not good because I had painters in the place putting up new paint on the walls.  I was supposed to get 2 couches, a chair, 2 ottomans and a cocktail table.  Normally it should be easy to see the furniture when they deliver it because its just supposed to be in plastic.  The furniture came out of the truck packed in moving blankets so I couldn't tell what was what.  I knew that one of the couches needed to go upstairs but I didn't want them to unwrap it because of the wet paint.  Paint can be done over again pretty easily on a wall but paint on a couch would be terrible so I kinda looked at the couches and decided, hey the big one goes upstairs!  The furniture guys gave me this weird look and said, that big thing is going up there???  I was like yup!  Most of the furniture went upstairs because thats where the TV is, only an ottoman and a couch (sectional really) stayed downstairs.  I unwrapped them and looked at it and thought it was wrong but I couldn't tell one way or another because I forgot what the furniture we bought looked like.  After looking things over everything seemed ok but I wasn't really sure and needed to wait for my wife to come home so she could tell me one way or the other if they brought over the right stuff.  After the painters were done, my wife came home and looked over the furniture.  She determined that I told the delivery guys to bring the wrong couch upstairs but I couldn't know that since I had them bring it up while it was wrapped.  So a new dilemma hit us, how do we get the couch downstairs and put the other one upstairs??  HA, thats Saturday's problem………..
December 30 – More furniture….
The dining room set we bought at another place.  It's supposed to be square with a round glass part in the middle.  It looked really cool in the store and my wife liked it  so why not right?  Anyway, the delivery guys came in nice and early to give us our table and six chairs.  The chairs were just fine but the table was scratched up so it had to go back, I'll be getting it on Saturday along with my washer and dryer.  The cool thing was that my wife and her sister convinced the two delivery guys to switch the couches.  I hid off in the office assembling a TV stand so I wouldn't be roped into helping and to see if the TV reception got any better because so far its still all fuzzy.  Afterwards it was time to start moving!  I rented a UHaul that was the same size as the one I drove down to South Florida so everything fit just nicely.  My brother in law and a friend helped with the really big stuff by loading it and unloading it into the truck, I owe them a meal of their choice whenever they decide to cash that in.  The funny part really was the truck itself.  It was a bit old and had about 182K on the odometer so I knew it had been places already.  The gear indicator on the front was kind of deceiving and it was hard to tell what gear I was in.  Going to the storage place was fine, but going to my place on the highway was a bit of a struggle.  I couldn't figure out why I couldn't break 60MPH!  I had driven that kind of truck before and I knew I could hit 80.  It so happened that I was driving around in 2nd gear for about 10 miles on the highway.  The gear indicator said D for drive so naturally I thought I was in drive.  After I got off the exit and stopped, I decided to test and see what gear I was in and I did figure out I was only in second.  There was also a funny smell coming from the truck and the heat indicator was rising too.  I'm just glad I didn't blow the transmission on the way because that would have really sucked!  The unpacking was uneventful, there are tons of boxes everywhere and the cleaning has just begun.  The cats were still at my sister in laws apartment so they won't jump on everything or get in the way.
December 31 and January 1 – Unpacking and kitty comes home
Pretty much all of new years eve and new years day was spent unpacking and putting things away.  Since we donated our old dishes and flatware, we went out and got new ones so that was nice.  Almost all the dishes have been put away and I went to get the cats as well.  I put them in the second bedroom upstairs with their cage, carriers, blankets, food, litter box, and a whole boat load of cat toys but all they seem to want is to be pet and to roam outside.  They'll probably have to stay there for the next couple of days so we can finish putting more stuff away and I have a lot of office furniture to build as well as the coffee table for the loft.
It's now January 2 and I'm at the office working away (although I'm writing this during lunch).  I'm going to go blinds shopping at Lowes tonight and pick up some cat supplies.  Next week we get the table for the dining room and that should be it!  I think there's a rug coming too.  Ahh the joys of home ownership!

4 thoughts on “Finally Moved In!

  1. You’re Blog name is so appropriate, because that’s all it was…RAMBLING! Blah, blah, blah! And to top it all off, you didn’t even get the timing of the events correct, nor did you give Jenn the props she deserved for working her magic on the delivery guy and scoring some digits – what’s wrong with you?! All that happened on Sunday, not Saturday. Saturday was spent clearing out the storage unit and unloading it at home. GOSH!

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