5 Months Old!

On December 1st I can say that my little girl is 5 months old.  I was away from home but I was able to return home in time to see her for her milestone.  The only bad part is that I’m sick so I won’t be able to hug and kiss her like I want to when I get home. Me and the Mrs. will be taking her 5 month pictures probably this weekend for posterity.  My little girl is going to have a lot of things to look at when she grows up.  HA!


4 Months Old

It’s mid November and I’ve been a father for just over 4 months now and it’s been a pretty interesting few months with my wife and our daughter. It’s really interesting to see her grow and acquire and skills. My wife and I have also noticed that every few weeks her cry changes or she tries something new. This past week or so she learned to roll over from her back to her stomach. Before she was able to do this very infrequently but now she does it whenever she gets upset with something and of she’s on her back. She also does this curious squeak now when she’s happy which is pretty cool. In this age of technology you can bet that there are a a lot of pictures and videos being taken.

I have so many pictures of my daughter and my wife its really starting to fill up the hard drive. I might have to start making some DVD backups of the pictures soon just in case my double backup doesn’t work out. I really need to invest in a NAS so that I can just back up the NAS every once in a while and not my two computers or something. I think it would be neat to get it for Christmas or something but I don’t want to spend the money on it right now.

The great thing about my iPhone 4S is that I can upload my videos to YouTube in HD quality so at least I know those videos will be preserved. I should probably tell my wife to do the same thing so that we don’t lose the videos. I could start putting all of my daughters pictures online at Shutterfly or something. It will take a long time but at least I know they will be safe online somewhere and that I have a possibility of retrieving them if one of my computers decided to crash on me. What I really think would be awesome will be some sort of high capacity solid state drive so I can backup everything without fear of the drive failing since there are no moving parts. This way I can keep all my pictures and videos of my ever changing daughter safely.

I can’t wait to see what month 5 brings. Maybe she will do something interesting
Ike say her first word. Now that would be a cool Christmas gift.

July 1st Changed My Life

Ten days ago my life changed for the better when I became a father to a beautiful little girl that my wife and I named Elysia. I wasn’t expecting her to come so soon though since my wife’s due date was for today. She was born nice and early on July 1st which was pretty awesome because now I can celebrate all of our birthdays in July. Being the proud father that I am, I’ve taken tons of pictures already and I’m in the process of uploading them so they can be printed.

The sleeping part has been a real challenge since she likes to wake up every two hours or so in order to be fed. I have taken the day shift overall but I can’t feed her since we aren’t using bottles. I am getting better at changing diapers and trying to get her to burp. She still is a bit fussy with me but she is great with her mom who knows what he cries mean already. The one thing that I really love is when she opens her eyes since she sleeps so much. I doesn’t happen for very long but when they do me and the Mrs. take advantage so that she can get used to seeing our faces even though she can’t see that well yet.

The next challenge will be when I return to work and will have to possibly leave my wife and baby home alone from Monday through Thursday. I have a couple more weeks of leave though so I’m going to try and enjoy every minute of it while I’m home and not working.

Saving Money on Baby Crap

I have definitely come to value the time and money that I’ve spent going to the various classes at my local hospital before I become a father. Not only am I learning hints that will make sure I don’t hurt my future baby but I’m also learning what a scam most of the baby crap they sell in places like Babies R Us is. I think after each class me and my wife have gone back to Babies R Us or some other baby store and have returned something that we previously registered for or have rethought what we really needed.

Prime example are those kits for the crib. Those suckers cost hundreds of dollars because of the sheets, quilts, bumpers, etc. We learned in class that almost all of that is stuff we’ll never use especially since we live in South Florida. Not to mention it reduces the risk of the baby getting SIDS some there are less things for them to roll into and cut off their air supply. So all we did was get a mattress and a sheet and that was it. Mucho money saved! I think on average we are returning things after each class and getting at least $50 back that we can spend on other stuff that we might need. We’re eyeing a Bob Jogging Stroller so that we can exercise and take the baby with us. I’m not a runner so I’m going to be on my bike while my wife runs since that’s her thing. I’m also eyeing my totally wireless baby monitor that has video and audio as well as movement sensors. I can even view it while I’m away for work, now that’s worth the money right there.

I’m sure I’ll find ways to spend the money I saved on my new baby but at least I was able to return things I don’t need or are dangerous. Only 2 weeks to go give or take!

Rock A Bye Baby Albums

P1010523 by jvwong96
P1010523, a photo by jvwong96 on Flickr.

Ha what better way to get your baby to go to sleep than having her listen to some of her parents favorite bands. Claire and I picked these up online after we heard about it through the internet. They were offering a special of buy 2 get 1 free. The problem that we had was picking the albums to get since there were a lot of bands that we liked.We eventually settled on getting Guns N Roses, Nirvana, and Green Day. Our reasoning is that we knew most of the songs on these three albums more than any of the others that were being offered. I haven’t listened to them yet but I know that Claire is listening to the Nirvana one. I’m hoping I won’t catch her napping this afternoon to baby’s music. Although that would be kind of amusing overall. I like how these sound since there are samples online so if you’re a rock fan and want your baby to be one too, these might be great to get for your little boy or girl.

Baby Room Almost Complete

The little munchkin is on her way!  I haven’t blogged about having my first child yet but I figure now is a good time to start.  My little one is due on July (just like me and Claire!) and that means there is a lot of things to get set up.  At present we have gone through the exercise of buying lots of stuff for the guest room that we have converted into the nursery.  Claire suggested that we get furniture from Pottery Barn Kids because she liked the style and everything and I agreed, I mean I might as well splurge a little on my first child and we made sure that we could convert the crib into a bed later on so we don’t have to buy a new set later on.  The only part I didn’t like about getting in new furniture is the fact that I had to assemble it all.  The furniture that needed assembly were the changing table (it needs some touch up paint though for the edges) and the crib.  Putting them together wasn’t that bad though, it wasn’t like trying to assemble the stuff we got from Ikea for the entertainment center.

The hardest part I think was putting up the shelves on the wall.  I have drywall and that stuff really sucks to hang stuff on, especially shelves of any kind.  The hardware that was included with the shelves didn’t work because my walls aren’t that thick and right behind it is concrete.  I was all ready to go to Pottery Barn Kids to return it when Claire suggested we just try different anchors.  So lo and behold, I bought new anchors for the shelving and they are now on the wall.  I don’t know how much load it can take, I put in three screws per shelf and each screw is rated for 50 pounds.  I guess we’ll see when we actually put something on it.

I’m still waiting for a few other pieces that are on back order but they should come in momentarily.  The really cool stuff is the wall decorations.  This was a great find by Claire.  Instead of having to paint the walls with a mural or something, we utilized stickers that we got from Pottery Barn Kids for it.  For a while it looked like they were no longer going to sell it since we saw the “Not Available” message on our registry.  However it magically re-appeared so we quickly bought them to be sure we’d get it.  I don’t think it was that big of a deal since Claire was able to find the manufacturer of the stickers on a site called Etsy.

I think I’m just waiting for the corner shelf and the mattress.  All the other things are already in the room including my very own rocking chair which will be moved to the office once the little one doesn’t need me to rock her to sleep anymore.