Snowbird UT is awesome

Being from the large area to the south called Florida, I spent my daughters spring break in a cold place instead of going some place warm.  I mean come on, it was March and it was already hitting 90 degrees on the mercury (although I understand they don’t use mercury in thermometers anymore).  We selected Snowbird Utah (its really close to Salt Lake City) because they were offering an awesome end of season deal for lodging and lift tickets.

I’ve been to Salt Lake City before but it was around 20 years ago now to go skiing in Park City (before the Olympics made it famous) and I had good memories of the place.  We went there again this time just to check it out and burn some time and also do some tubing.  I highly recommend the tubing at Gorgoza Park, its a little expensive but its so much fun just going up and down the hill on an inflatable tube with your family.

Anyway back to Snowbird.  Snowbird has an awesome lift ticket system since its all RFID and you just keep the ticket in your pocket and a scanner will open the little gate in front of you if its valid, thats freaking cool!  I didn’t even have to really leave the resort area since we had our hotel there (The Inn which is really nice), enough places to eat although I recommend buying groceries or something if your room has a kitchen to cut down on food costs, and plenty of places to rent or buy ski stuff.

Besides all the skiing and the other wintery stuff that you can do in Snowbird, I think the best part about it was the views that we saw from our room and just in general.  I just want to go back for the views, I don’t even have to ski, to show you what I’m talking about here are some choice photos that I was able to take while on vacation.