Cameras cameras everywhere

I will admit that I have a lot of cameras. This was totally by accident though since I never really intended to have so many cameras in my household. I guess we’ll start with the point and shoots. I still have an old 3 megapixel Sony camera that I bought almost 9 years ago that I don’t use anymore but I still think it works. I would just have to charge it up. I used to use it extensively on vacation because back then I didn’t have a camera on my cell phone. The next camera is my wife’s camera which is a Canon Powershot which I think is a 5 megapixel. I currently can’t find this camera nor can I find the charger but this camera served us pretty well over the years and was our primary camera until I bought my Olympus. Well my wife bought me the Olympus. This camera was awesome since it was water proof so I could take pictures while swimming in the ocean and stuff. Recently this camera has been having some problems which necessitated an upgrade which is my current travel camera.

I’m currently traveling around with my Panasonic point and shoot that is like my Olympus which means its indestructible kinda sorta. My friend recommended this camera to me because it had a Leica lens to get some awesome pictures. I’ve used this camera for the past year but I’ve found that while it’s great for travel because I take pics of stationary things like touristy crap or scenes, it’s not that great for taking pics of the baby since she wiggles around too much.

Since I now have a little daughter that enjoys wiggling around a lot and not sitting still for pics, I decided to get my wife a nice DSLR camera. I have to admit that this is the first DSLR I’ve ever owned and so far it’s been great. My wife had a regular SLR I’m college so she knows how to shoot a camera really well. I thought that since I won’t be home a lot of the time to help take pics with the point and shoot that is a bit slow, the DSLR was just the ticket to take pics of the baby for stuff like our recent Christmas cards. The speed on the DSLR is impressive to say the least. The only down side is the bulk but I will be taking this up north with me to take pics during the holidays. I don’t know if I’m going to take it with me for all my vacations but there is a good chance that I will, especially if I go on tour groups and stuff like that. I’ll totally look like a tourist but that’s ok, as long as I don’t get mugged or something I will be fine.

Thats a whole lot of cameras by my count and that doesn’t include the cameras on my iPhone 4S. By far that is the camera that my wife and I use the most because it’s just there in our pockets and now that it’s eight megapixels the pictures are better than ever. I just need to find a way to automatically sync both iPhone photo libraries with the MacBook and all will be right in the world.

I’m hoping that the DSLR will be my last camera purchase for a while. I mean true camera purchase which does not include cell phone cameras. I think that I can just upgrade the DSLR with some better lenses since I’m fine with its speed and it’s overall quality. My friend recently gave me a book on how to take some really great pics and now I know what new equipment I have to get (tripod, shutter remote, lenses, flash). Maybe those will make some good gift ideas over the next few years.

Airlines I want to fly in 2012

During my consulting career and even in life I’ve flown a lot of different airlines. In consulting I’ve pretty much just flown the domestic carriers like Delta, United, American, US Airways, etc. I’m technically loyal to SkyTeam but that’s only because I’ve flown the most with Delta Airlines over the years of ive flown on a SkyTeam partner. Lately this past year and the year before, I have flown a decent amount on Star Alliance such as United and US Airways. While I like flying either United or Delta for most of my business travel, I do want to try some other domestic carriers like Virgin America which seem pretty cool.

I’ve flown JetBlue for a while for personal travel but flying them for business isn’t half bad either. The other carriers that are not part of Star or SkyTeam do seem to offer more stuff for the price at you pay. I can only talk about JetBlue since they are the only carrier I’ve flown that wasn’t SkyTeam or Star Alliance domestically. I get free TV, free XM Radio (not that I use it), and they still serve snacks! The serving of snacks is a big thing for me since I fly do much and a lot of the time I fly for a few hours so I need something to keep my strength up so I can work during the day. My favorite happen to be terra blue chips but I think that on my latest flight I’ll try something else. What is also awesome is that they serve Arizona ice tea on their flights which is a great change from the usual crap I get on most other airlines.

If I was going to fly internationally, I want to try out Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and maybe another one of the more popular carriers. I’ve flown Lufthansa and Singapore before but when that was when I was a lot younger than I am now. I personally don’t want to travel on those carriers in economy but in business class but those kinds of flights are typically really expensive. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to do that. I’d like to bring my family on a nice trip to Europe or Asia in the next few years. I want to be able to show my daughter what things are like in other countries but I want her to be old enough to be able to really experience it and to remember the trip.

I do know that one of my trips will be to Singapore so I know that I will at least get to fly Singapore Airlines. As for some of the other airlines that I’ve mentioned, it depends on what my work schedule is like, my wife’s work schedule,and where we decide to take our major vacations in the future. On my hit list is at least, Singapore, Italy, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and Malaysia at the very least. Now flying to those destinations will let me try some international airlines which I’ve heard are way better than the domestic carriers I’ve been flying the last few years.

Sunday Travel Stinks

Its the last travel week of the calendar year for work for me. I’m once again heading out to California on a Sunday evening, well afternoon really since I had to leave my house at 3:30pm. I’m hoping that this will be the last time I’ll have to do this for a while since its hard to leave my wife and baby behind. The problem with leaving on Sundays is that I’m away for five nights not just the usual three that I do when I have to travel on the east or to the mid west.n I guess I’ve been spoiled this apart year since I’ve been working from home do much this past year.

I remember almost four years ago that I had to do Sunday travel for a client. Back then it wasn’t so bad since I only had my wife to worry about and the entire travel schedule wasn’t bad since I was only gone for four nights and not five. Granted I wasn’t too thrilled about that either but there’s little that I can do about it sometimes. For my next project I’m going to see if I can find another one that is only on the east coast, mid west, or virtual. The virtual ones you gotta be really lucky but I think I can swing at least the east coast or mid west for the next project.

One other thing that really really stinks about Sunday travel is that all the tourists are out and about with a vengeance. There were tons of strollers and families all over the place which is different from what I’m used to on Mondays which are business travelers who zip in and out of the security lines and know not to line up before the boarding door even opens up. I’m going to be one of those tourists next week when I go up to CT for the holidays but at least me and the mrs are experienced fliers so we know how to pack and travel light. We will have the little one with us but we will teach her well so that she can be an expert traveler like her parents. One of the perks of having a little one besides just having her in our lives is that we get to pre-board 🙂

Here’s to the last of my business travel for 2011. Hopefully 2012 will be as great as 2011 has been.

iOS or Android for Work hmmmm…..

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been back at work at my old company and surprisingly I’m eligible for a phone upgrade. I currently use a myTouch 4G for work and it’s running android and for my personal phone I’m running an iPhone 4S. Now that my upgrade is almost due, I have some hard decisions to make. Do I continue with tmobile and get an upgrade every year or do I go with AT&T or Verizon and wait two years for my upgrade. So far I’m a little torn since I’m not exactly all that thrilled with tmobile service but on the other hand do I really care about the service since its my work phone?

I’m also wondering if I should get another iPhone (this time in white so I can tell the difference between the phones) or if I should try and get another android phone that’s using ice cream sandwich (I know, the names of the OS releases are kind of silly). Currently tmobile doesn’t have a phone that runs ice cream sandwich at the moment, I think it might come out soon but I don’t know though. I’m pretty careful about what I do on my work phone, I don’t put any apps and stuff on it really and keep it pretty plain because I have my iPhone to use for all my fun stuff or I whip out the iPad instead. The biggest reason people state to get android is to root the thing but I can’t do that because then I can’t get my work email. I don’t know if I particularly want a huge phone either, the myTouch seems to be just about right, these other phones with the huge screen seem like overkill. Whatever happened to making smaller and smaller phones that were easy to carry around? I remember buying a Motorola StarTac because it was smaller than my original cell phone.

The thing that really holds me back is the upgrade schedule. I don’t know if I want to wait two years to upgrade my phone. On the other hand it would be pretty cool to have another iPhone that I can use for work and load all the apps that I’ve already purchased. I guess I’ll have to see what’s offered by tmobile in the month of February. I don’t think they’ll offer the iPhone but there might be an android device that’s worth getting to replace the myTouch.

5 Months Old!

On December 1st I can say that my little girl is 5 months old.  I was away from home but I was able to return home in time to see her for her milestone.  The only bad part is that I’m sick so I won’t be able to hug and kiss her like I want to when I get home. Me and the Mrs. will be taking her 5 month pictures probably this weekend for posterity.  My little girl is going to have a lot of things to look at when she grows up.  HA!

I still hate the Garden State

I have been staffed to a project in New Jersey for the past few weeks and I can’t say that being in New Jersey for a longer length of time (more than a day trip to see family or go to Ikea) has changed my opinion of this place.  It might be because I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with no ability to go out and eat and stuff since I share a car with my co-workers but I think its because this place is just so damn miserable all the time.  There are limited eating options which hurts (I’m getting really sick of Subway sandwiches all the time or hole in the wall bagel shops that don’t take credit cards) or the fact that whenever we try and get anywhere you need to go in a few hundred loops to actually get there because some fool decided that cars can only turn right and not left on a given road.

I’d say that NJ still holds the crown on the most hated state list that I keep.  I thought Virginia was going to take the crown but after being here for a bit, it still holds the title!  The one shining aspect which is really surprising is Newark Airport.  Granted its a really really small glimmer because only Crumbs (an awesome cup cake store) is the best place to get food.  There is a Jamba Juice somewhere but other than that, all the other places are crap.  I actually went to a pub with a co-worker for wings and they microwaved them and charged us like $10.  So not worth it!  Big silver lining is that I’m not coming back here for work for the rest of 2011.  I got to stay home this week to do my training and then I’m off to San Francisco for a different client which needs my expertise.  The only downer is that I have to leave on Sunday both weeks which is a big BOOO in my book

Goodbye Jersey!  Can’t say that this was fun in any way shape or form.