PT Cruiser

This week I got a PT Cruiser as a rental car. I’ve already ranted about how much the car sucks in a previous post on my blog although I made that post in 2006 when I went to Las Vegas. Needless to say I’m not pleased but it could be worse, I could have gotten the Toyota Corolla that the person before me got. I hate that car even more than the PT Cruiser! BOOO!!!


Memorial Day Weekend

This past Memorial Day weekend was pretty entertaining. First I picked up my wife’s friend from the airport and went off to the Sawgrass Mall for some shopping which lasted for about five hours. We also had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory which was pretty awesome. That evening we decided to go to a comedy club at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. The comedians that they had were pretty good. I liked the second act the best, the main act was one of the finalists from Last Comic Standing although I don’t know what season he was from. He was doing just fine until someone made fun of him and then he decided to stand and try and make a view point which just killed the mood at the club. He tried to end it on a good note but eh, it was kinda half hearted. No matter, I’m sure he’ll learn from the experience and I had a good time regardless anyway for most of the night.

Sunday was a day at the in-laws. There was a lot of food there and we all spent most of our time in the pool getting all prune-y. I think I spent at least 3-4 hours in the pool with everyone playing pseudo volleyball. I was in the deep end with the guys so it was harder to jump up and score points. It’s not like we were keeping score anyway, it was just a lot of fun just to play. Truth be told I forget what happened Sunday night *shrug* I guess its not important really hahaha!

Monday was a good day because it was pretty nice and we spent most of the day at the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. I think this is really the first time that I’ve been to Ft. Lauderdale beach and if I went there before, I certainly can’t remember it. The waves crashing on the beach were pretty strong but we all went in anyway. I had no luck with the umbrella though no matter how many times I tried to stake that sucker into the ground, the wind just kept on blowing it over so I gave up on it. My wife’s friend got burned pretty good so we had to get her some lotion so the burn wouldn’t hurt too much. She had some bad luck on the way home too, her flight was delayed till after midnight so instead of having her take that flight, I drove out to the airport to get her so she could at least get some sleep at our place. I brought her with me to the airport this morning and I get to the airport pretty early but she was on the 7am flight so she didn’t have to wait that long. All in all, it was a good Memorial Day weekend.

Back from San Juan

It’s Tuesday and I’m already back at work. I came back from San Juan last Saturday night but haven’t had a chance to write anything on my blog until today. I uploaded pictures from the trip to my MySpace page. I’ll upload pictures to Flickr later since thats where most of my other pics are.

My trip was pretty nice over all. I like the hotel that I stayed in, I ate way too much (I’m not used to eating 3 meals a day for 6 days straight), the places I saw was great, and there wasn’t too many hiccups.

Here are some of the highlights right off the bat:
Camuy Caverns – Very nice place to go, although the bat shit on the railings was a little gross
Huge Dish to look at the Universe – Uber cool, it was in a James Bond movie 🙂
Tour Guide for the caverns and dish – “Words are like bullets”……… if you don’t get the reference, go watch some South Park!
Old San Juan – The whole city was awesome
San Cristobal Fortress – One word……… COOL!
El Moro Fortress – Two words…….. UBER COOL!

If I’m in the mood I’ll write more later about my vacation, and if not, eh I’ll just remember it in my head 🙂

A Beautiful Beach in San Juan

At this very moment I am writing this blog from the Carolina Beach in San Juan. My wife and I didnlt go at the peak season so the beach isn't too crowded which is really nice. We found a good spot under a tree to relax so we're not totally baked by the sun. The water is crystal blue just like Hawaii and pretty warm too. The sandis a bit hot and I think I burned the bottom of my feet while I was trying to take some pictures but thats OK, the picture will come out pretty nice when I post them later on Flickr.

Tomorrow will be quite an adventurous day since I'll be headed to the Camuy Caverns and an observatory for the day. There is going to be much picture taking of course! Time to get back to relaxing on the beach, if I havve the urge I'll write more tomorrow.

FTL Security

Something odd happened to me and my wife while we were going through airport security when we were leaving Ft. Lauderdale. In what I can only call a weird coincidence, the both of us had our carry on bags searched after we went through the metal and x-ray screens. I know we didn't pack anything that would require a second search because I made sure we did everything by the book. I travel for my job so I'm pretty up to date on what we can and can't pack. I wasnlt that upsetbut I was pretty annoyed that I was stopped for additional screening. My wife was a bit more upset because they messed up her carefully packed clothes when they went rumaging through her bag. I'm traveling again this coming Monday, lets see if I get stopped again for no good reason.

An Awesome Dinner in San Juan

This evening my wife and I went out to dinner at La Piccola Fontana to celebrate our anniversary. This year was a little more low key than last year when we went to Las Vegas. the restaurant was located in the El San Juan Hotel which is a really nice hotel. lots of dark woods and crystal chandeliers decorated the lobby and the hotel had not one but two Starbucks Coffee places in it. Noww thats a classy establishment! (For those of you that don't get the joke, look up Strong Bad on the internet and watch his cartoon).

I ended up getting a seafood linguini with spicey marinara sauce that was really good but my wife by far had the better dish. she ended up getting a 16oz lobster tail drizzled with honey truffle sauce. This thing tasted awesome and she was nice enough to let me have a piece of it. We ended our dinner with chocolate cake and ice cream. MMMM I'm totally stuffed right now, so its time to veg on the couch with the wife and relax for the

Happy Anniversary to Us

Ahh today is a very special day. Today I am celebrating my second wedding anniversary with my wife. We stayed up late last night so we could give each other cards and yesterday we also bought each other iPods. I needed one for when I travel for work and she needed one for when she works out at the gym.

We'll be spending our anniversary in San Juan for the week. We haven't had a nice week long vacation since last May when we went to Las Vegas. There are going to be more out doorsie things for us to do in Puerto Rico simply because the heat won't be so punishing and we're not going to be in the middle of a desert.

My wife has booked a few excursions for us already and I'm sure there will be a few more we'll find to do as well. If I have the time I'll send updates while I'm in San Juan but don't on it, I'm there to relax and enjoy my vacation. Highlight for tonight is dinner at a fancy italian place 🙂

And I didn't bring a computer with me this time, this will probably be the first time I haven't brought a computer with me in a while and it feels great!! Later my people!