I hate mosquito’s!

This past Saturday I went on a little tourist attraction called the Jungle Queen with the in-laws. The ride itself was pretty cool, it was on this old boat that resembles an old paddle boat and it went down a small river in the Ft. Lauderdale area. The bad part about the trip was when we got to this island to sit down to eat. It was all you could eat chicken, ribs, and shrimp. Sounds good right? Normally I would have enjoyed something like that and eaten plenty but there were mosquito’s under the table biting the crap out of my legs. So in the end I was more annoyed than anything else. After we got home I counted the bug bites on my legs and it numbers at around 21 bites on my legs. Now I’m out at my client in Michigan and my legs still itch like crazy. So far after studying things a little bit, I don’t see how mosquito’s are useful to the planet. They should be exterminated!!! This way no more bug bites for me.


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