Navigon for my iPhone

Meet my most recent iPhone app purchase… Navigon!  I bought this for me and my wife so we both have navigation readily available on our phones.  I have owned TomTom software or GPS systems for the last few years for my Treo and as a stand alone device but I just wasn’t all that happy with it.  After much research I decided to buy Navigon (and I got it on sale too) instead of TomTom.  For one thing, its one less device that I have to lug with me on the plane and on my back, for another it allowed me to give my wife a reliable GPS app so she won’t get lost if she has to go somewhere unfamiliar in South Florida.

So far the app is pretty impressive.  I’ve been able to use it successfully in Minneapolis to find my way around without going too far off the beaten path.  It does take me to a few too many residential roads but I think thats a setting problem.  The biggest selling point of the current version was the addition of using Google to find points of interest.  Most of the time navigation apps rely on their own database for finding points of interest but the addition of using Google was just too awesome to pass up.  It reminded me of Waze which I used before Navigon to try and find my way around.  Waze was free and did a decent job but the bad part about it is that it required a constant connection to my mobile internet to download the map since it wasn’t native on the device.  That slowed things up quite a bit and sometimes the directions weren’t accurate because it hadn’t downloaded the map yet.

My only pet peeve right now is that its not always accurate on my current position.  I could be on an adjacent street and it might think I’m there and tell me to make a turn I don’t have to make.  I hope thats just something to do with the GPS in the phone or something but so far it hasn’t steered me wrong or I’ve just ignored it since I knew I was going the right way already.  So far its been a good buy, I plan on seeing if it is useful at some of my other client sites but first I need to finish things up in Minneapolis to give it a good test.  Now to contemplate buying Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars for my iPhone hmmm……


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