Beware the wrath of the TWEEN!

Before I went to Disney this past weekend, I took my wife to see the movie High School Musical 3. She’s a fan of the movies so I thought I would take her to the midnight showing. I didn’t expect to see so many little tweens running all over the place. Don’t these kids have parents? Didn’t they have school the next day? Geez!

Anyway, the movie was going just fine until maybe the last 1/3 of the movie when all of a sudden the video flipped and the audio got all messed up. There was a near riot by the little tweens in the theater! So funny! Then some of the little punks started singing the songs *truly annoying really* and we had to wait around 30 minutes to fix the film. They finally fixed it and we were able to watch it just fine and on top of that we got free movie passes too. I will remember this night as being absolutely hysterical. Remember, never get in the way of a tween and their Disney movie….


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