Goodbye my old computers

It truly is an end of an era for me. Over the past two weeks I decided to recycle as many of my old computers that I could. I’m a bit of a pack rat especially when it comes to technology. I paid or invested hundreds of dollars into my computer equipment over the years and I have a difficult time letting go. In order to get rid of some of the clutter and because it was finally free, I decided to unload some of my computers that I’ve collected over the years. The final tally was 2 desktops (one of which I built from scratch) 2 laptops that were super old and had a tough time running even Windows 98 and an LCD monitor that burned out.

I was in IT Asset Management for years and one of the things I learned was never to toss out old computer equipment because of all the harmful chemicals and what not that are contained in old computer parts. I never recycled my equipment because I had to pay people to cart it away which really isn’t a good way to get people to recycle. Now that Best Buy is offering free recycling, I’m starting to look around to see what else I can unload. They don’t take hard drives which is fine with me because I still have data on them but now at least I know I don’t have to cart old equipment around with me.


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