Nala’s 6th Anniversary

Nala enjoying the autumn air in Connecticut

Wow I can’t believe that exactly 6 years ago I went to Petsmart the Petmart in Clearwater just to get some pet food and I ended up getting a pet.  I recall seeing Nala in her little cage and she was the feistiest little ball of fur out of all the cats that were there.  She was playing with her little feather toy and pretty much pouncing on the thing like she was killing a mouse or something.  I played with her a little and after getting the OK from the misses, I decided to bring her home to keep Thumper company while we were at work.  Their first meeting was very interesting since Thumper saw it as an invasion of his space but over time he warmed up to her which is what I hoped he would do.

These days, Nala spends her time in Connecticut being taken care of by my in-laws and has more freedom to jump around and explore her surroundings as well as getting attention from people almost the entire day.  She’s also a bit lazier as well and doesn’t have that kitten energy she once had but she’s still quite active for being middle aged.  I still visit when I get the chance to snap pictures and play with her and the fat one.  Like the pic above that I took when I was in CT in October.


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