Life after LASIK

After over 25 years or so of wearing glasses, I can finally see clearly without them. A little over a week ago I had LASIK surgery on my eyes so that I could see without glasses. For the longest time I resisted getting surgery because I was afraid of going blind and I was also afraid that they were going to use a blade to form the flap so they could get to my cornea to reshape my eye. It was Claire that convinced me to go and get an evaluation at Millenium Eye Center which specializes in laser eye surgery.

I had an evaluation done a few years ago in Hawaii when I was visiting my father and back then I was told that I was a good candidate for surgery. At the time they still used blades to cut a flap so they could get to the rest of your eye. This was the part that scared me the most besides the whole blindness thing. Claire and I actually went in together for a consultation and they said that we were both good candidates. I think hey mentioned no less than four times that our prescriptions were really close. We decided after the evaluation to have the surgery done for both of us.

What the clincher for me personally is the new technology involved in the surgery. Instead of using a blade to create the flap on my eye, a laser is used instead. This method is supposed to be safer and more accurate because there are no mechanical instruments used which can get my eye infected. We had to wait about 10 days before the procedure and we had to wear our glasses too. The procedure itself wasn’t that long, all in all I think that we saw the doctor for a total of 30 minutes.

Part one was the flap which they used a laser to make little bubbles to form the flap for the second part of the surgery. I think the scariest part was when I was listening to the doctor and then he said “prepare to go dark” and then I couldn’t see anything. The sight loss was only temporary and then everything was really hazy. Part two was the reshaping of my eyes with a laser. This part was pretty interesting. The only thing I saw was this big ball of red light while the procedure was being completed. Claire actually went first and she was able to see my procedure being done. The cool thing was that we were able to see pretty well just 15 minutes after the procedure. Naturally we weren’t allowed to drive afterwards but the next day we were basically seeing 20/20. So far things have gone pretty well since then. I don’t have to worry about drying out my contacts or packing contact solution. I just have to put in eye drops a few times a day to keep them hydrated and to help them heal.

This is quite a progression, last year I agreed for the first time to get contacts and ditch my glasses, this year I went all in and got LASIK. Both of these were great suggestions for me by Claire :). I’m looking forward to a good portion of my life being free of glasses.


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