No Jury Duty for ME!!

I called up the phone number last night to see if I was exempt and I was over joyed to learn that I didn’t have to get my ass up early, go to court, and sit in a boring room with people I don’t know for the whole day. And this now means………… FREE DAY!! I have Thursday and Friday off too so that means 5 day weekend aww yeah, gotta love it 🙂


3 thoughts on “No Jury Duty for ME!!

  1. Why do you have Thursday and Friday off? You’re a scumsucker. (I’m only bitter because I have to drive to work through downtown and deal with the freaky people who point and yell at me for stopping at a red light).

  2. Thursday because I took today off for Jury duty and it didn’t make sense to go to work since I took Friday off for my birthday. I love having tons of vacation time to burn 🙂

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