You Suck Comcast!

I am really starting to dislike Comcast lately because they keep on deleting channels from analog cable.  I don’t think I agree with the whole switch to digital deal.  I’ll admit that HD TV is pretty cool looking but its not a necessity for me.  The latest change from the people at Comcast was to move Cartoon Network to their digital only offering and remove it from their analog line up.  Thats a bunch of bull crap right there.  I like watching Adult Swim in the late evening for Family Guy and some other programs that aren’t offered during the day.  By removing it, Comcast has removed a whole chunk of my late night programming while I’m at home on the weekends.

I don’t get why they are making this sort of change, but I do know that it totally sucks!  If I had a choice I would use a different service but there is no way I’m paying for 4 cable boxes for my home.  It’s just one more thing to add to my stack of bills.  BOO to you Comcast!


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