Bye Bye Nexus 7

I think it’s been a little under a year since I got my wife a Nexus 7. I mainly got it for her to read her library of ebooks that she gets for free from and for the most part it’s done its job. However the time has come to say goodbye to the Nexus so that I can get her an iPad Mini 2 when its released this fall.

There have been a few problems mainly with the OS that I just can’t seem to overcome. The biggest one is the charging issue. It just takes forever to charge the device. My daughter also likes a lot of apps that are on her own iPad and iPhone that she uses and instead of lugging that around she can use my wife’s iPad Mini. I played a bit with the Nexus a little and I wasn’t that impressed. The Nexus was a lot like using a PC, it required a lot of tweaks here and there to get it working just right. My wife prefers using her iPhone for most things because she is familiar with the apps and it just works. I happen to agree with her on that part which is why I’m probably getting the upgraded iPad Mini for myself too so I can take a more lightweight device with me on the road. iOS 7 is going to help a lot too since I’m not upgrading my iPhone 4S until a jailbreak, if any, will become available. FaceTime over 3G is a big thing for me since I need it to see my family on the road.


Normally I would have kept the Nexus but there isn’t any use for it at this time and it would just collect dust like all my Treo’s that I still have. I decided to try out Gazelle to sell the Nexus 7. The good part is that I used points to get the thing and Gazelle will potentially give me $55 for it. I look at it as a $55 profit since in got the device for free and my wife can use that for even more books. I figure the $55 should keep her busy for maybe 6 months, it depends on the number of books being released that she wants this year.

Only 3 weeks till I send the Nexus away, can’t say it was the best decision I ever made from a tech perspective but I at least can say I tried it for a little bit.


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