iOS4 upgrade complete…. Finally!

This pas Friday I famished the upgrade of my 3GS to iOS4. I didn’t update to the latest and greatest because I wanted to jailbreak my phone again. As with all upgrades I’ve everyone on any phone that I’ve owned, the upgrade wasn’t all that smooth. I had to do a few restores just to get my apps on the right pages and I also had to input a lot of my preferences again.

The jailbreak restore from Rock didn’t go as planned and ended up giving me mobile substrate errors and crashing springboard constantly so I decoded to start from scratch. I also have to upgrade MyWi to version 4 which will cost me ten bucks but it’s supposed to be way better than the version I wad on. I’m not putting ad nearly as many jailbreak apps as I had on 3.1.3 because iOS takes care of a lot of those things now. I will avoid putting backgrounder and winterboard on my phone until I really need it but I don’t anticipate needing it anytime soon.

Today I might upgrade my wifes phone but that will be an interesting challenge since she doesn’t sync with the desktop computer at home. I guess after my experience, I’m hoping her upgrade goes a lot smoother, she also has a lot less data than me so that is a big plus too.


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