The Great Chinese Drywall move begins!

It would appear that September is fast approaching and with it my scheduled move from my home to an apartment so that the builder of my townhome can fix the Chinese Drywall that is festering in my house.  I personally don’t think I have it as bad as some other people in my community but that might be because I like to leave my A/C on all day long to keep my place at a comfortable 78 degrees.   I’ve got a moving quote already to get my stuff out of the house and I’ve also started putting things in boxes to get things ready to move into storage.  The next step is to secure a place to put all my crap and then move into the apartment.

This is going to be really weird since I haven’t lived in an apartment for three years now.  I was quite comfortable in my townhouse with all the extra space to spread out and leave my stuff.  I also had a garage for my other crap and my cars as well as multiple rooms with big screen TV’s.  This will all come to an end in September and hopefully I’ll be able to move back into my house by Christmas.  The one thing that I don’t like about this whole thing is the stress of moving out and moving into places.  It forces me to decide what to keep and what to throw away and it also forces me to live without most of my stuff handy.

The good thing is that the apartment isn’t too far from where I’m living right now and its fairly close to all the things I know.  It also has a lot of the amenities that my current community has plus a couple more things here and there.  It also has a tennis court which is pretty sweet but we’ll see if I end up using it.  My raquet needs to be re-strung and so does my wife’s before we can venture out on the courts.  This coming weekend will be filled with trying to fit things into boxes, looking at the size of the apartment, and deciding what we can use in the apartment short term and what goes into storage.  One part that will be awesome is that we’re going to Anaheim for the Disneyland Half Marathon which my wife will be running so that will be a nice break and a weekend where we won’t have to think about the move 🙂


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