Outsourcing Hits Tampa

I was cruising my Google Reader feeds when I came across an article in the Tampa area about some up coming layoffs.  Surprisingly this article mentioned my old employer PwC who I worked for a few years ago.  It would appear that most of the IT department (of which I was a proud member) has just been outsourced to India as part of a strategy to bring PwC IT under one umbrella in order to cut costs.  I haven’t gotten any other details around it but it seems that almost all of the IT folks that I know in Tampa will be affected in some form or fashion.

That’s really too bad that so many people are going to be affected by outsourcing.  A lot of those people are friends that have been working in IT for a long time and IT jobs are getting harder and harder to come by as big ticket outsourcers take over the work at a more manageable cost.  Hopefully a lot of the people I know will be able to land on their feet and find something better than what they were doing at PwC.  Good luck to all!


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