I’m done getting my summer tan

Today I went to the pool with my wife and she decided to lay out and get a tan and I decided to go swimming in the pool. My skin being the way it is, after about 2-3 hours I have my summer tan all done. Unlike most people, I can tan pretty quickly so theres no need for me to lay out for hours on end. Just a couple of hours and I’m done. If I swim in the sun any longer I’m going to be really really dark and thats what I’m trying to avoid. Good thing I work indoors so I can’t get any darker than I already am 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’m done getting my summer tan

  1. I am jealous. Green. Sitting here with a pissed off expression. Why is it so easy for you????!! I am the one that has to bask in the sun for hours on end to get a decent BASE, yet you are dark with only a measely hour in the sun.
    Hate u
    Lol….of course I don’t, but still

  2. Okay. I am so white, I’m basically transparent. My blue/green veins are clearly visible through my arms and legs. I don’t burn. I don’t tan. NOTHING FREAKING HAPPENS WHEN I GO IN THE SUN!!!

    What the hell? Do I have Michael Jackson syndrom?

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