Tivo Trouble

I think recently the firmware on my Tivo was upgraded because its been acting funny for the past few days. When I used to look at the show guide maybe 5 minutes before the next hour it would show the next hours shows and not what I’m currently watching any longer. Now it only shows what you are currenly watching at any given moment which is totally annoying now.

One more thing that seems to be kind of off is that the reactions to the remote commands when I press a button seem ultra slow now. That’s totally unacceptable considering when I press a button the menu should pop up instead of giving me a 3 second delay. I hope they fix both of these problems soon. I want my old Tivo funtionality back!!


One thought on “Tivo Trouble

  1. Yeah, you got the 7.3.1 update. The guide change was part of that. I consider it a bug, but it may have been deliberate.

    The slowdown is a problem, TiVo says they’re looking into it and hope to correct it in a future update.

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