Woohoo Google Calendar for me!

My wife and I are Gmail users and recently we both signed up for Google Calender.  I’ve actually had it since the beta started a while ago but I never really used it because no one else was using it.  I use Outlook at home and my Treo of course is with me but I also use Plaxo which syncs all my Outlook calendar stuff and my contacts to the web so I’m never without them no matter where I am.

I actually saw why people like it so much when I went to a conference in Orlando FL.  At the conference there were a bunch of meetings going on with different companies that were giving people information on how to upgrade their software.  When I went to see if there were any openings, I saw that they were all using Google Calendar to manage all the appointments.  I thought that this was a really cool way to use technology and share information with your friends, especially those that don’t use MySpacve or Evite a lot.  I’ll probably end up roping a lot of my in-laws and other family into using Google Calendar so they know when I’m around and when I’m not.  Now I’m just waiting for a way to sync it with my current Outlook crap so I don’t have to do double entries into both my Treo and my Google Calendar.  Come on Google hurry up, I’m dying over here!


One thought on “Woohoo Google Calendar for me!

  1. I have all my reminders and events at my mobile just because i love mobility so i have my account at http://www.zyb.com where i synchronize my calendar and contacts directly from my mobile. I wish if Zyb calendar is compatible with google calendar.

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