Sunset at 34,000 Feet

This was the last picture that I took leaving Minneapolis from seat on my Delta flight.  Every once in a while, I try and sneak out my iPhone when I’m not supposed to in order to snap pictures that I think will look really cool.  I don’t have anything fancy for picture taking, mostly I use my iPhone or my Olympus Stylus 790SW.  For no flash situations, my iPhone is actually better than using my digital camera although all that is going to change with the new iPhone which actually has a flash on it.

I have some other awesome pictures of sunrise from my hotel room in Minneapolis during the winter.  Minneapolis in the winter is really really cold but it does offer some excellent sunrises.  I would have gotten some pictures of sunsets during winter but it was always too dark out when I left work to capture anything good.  Here is one that I captured that has some pretty sweet colors in it.


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