WWDC = Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference for those that didn’t know.  This is the conference where new iPhones are unveiled as well as a whole host of other things that are released by Apple to the general public.  I normally don’t watch the WWDC but I’m interested in the new iPhone that will be released.  I’m following a live blog that has most of the highlights and the new iPhone looks pretty sweet so far.  I haven’t seen all that many updates to the iPad but I think thats because its so new.  All the new things for iPad will most likely come with the new iPhone OS 4.0 since it uses the same OS as my iPhone.

Unfortunately I can’t type everything I see about the new iPhone, I just know that I won’t be getting one since I’m not eligible but at least its nice to see where the technology is going.  I think I’m eligible in 2011 for a new phone.  Most likely I’ll be getting another iPhone but by then there should be quite a difference between my current 3GS and the 5th generation iPhone.  What most interests me at this point is iPhone OS 4.0.  The new OS is supposed to add a ton of functionality that people have been asking for or that you get through jailbreak.  I personally have jailbreak working just fine on my iPhone but I want to know what the new OS does.  It might compel me to give up my jailbreak…… actually thats not true I’m never giving up my jailbreak.

Just to do some research, I did look up my eligibility date and its in October of this year.  Thats pretty soon all things considered but I don’t want to upgrade if I have to take one of the new lousy AT&T data plans.  I’ll keep my unlimited data plan thank you very much!  I think I’ll continue to watch this WWDC to see what other fun nuggets of information are released.  Maybe they will actually post the keynote speech online at Apple so one and all can see whats coming from the boys in Cupertino California.  Windows Mobile 7 better step things up if they hope to compete in the smartphone market with iPhone and Android!


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