Time lapse is best for GoPro rides

I went out early this morning for a ride on my motorcycle out to Dania Beach which is about 30 miles from home.  I decided to string up my GoPro to the side of my bike but this time instead of doing a time lapse video, I tried just shooting straight up 1080P video with the camera of my ride.  The first thing that I discovered was that the video is incredibly shaky and it kinda makes you sick watching it for too long.  Time lapses are just a bunch of photos strung together but you don’t really notice the vibration thats making the camera shake so its easier to watch, not to mention it takes up a lot less space on my SD card and when I upload it to YouTube.

Due to where I mounted the camera (near the engine), and probably because I was on the highway, the camera always had a little bit of a shake.  The video still looked cool and I was able to piece together an 8 minute video out of almost an hours worth of footage that I took.  I also decided to change the perspective for my ride.  On the way home, I had the camera pointing backwards so you could see what was happening behind me. All the other videos that I’ve shot on the GoPro have always been from my point of view or facing forward.  I have to say that I liked the results that I got.  It almost makes me want to get another camera but I use the GoPro so little I wouldn’t be able to justify the cost.  What I could justify is the Hero Session 5 if it became cheap enough because it has built in image stabilization and that might help with my vibration issues when shooting on my  motorcycle.

For future rides I think I’m going to go with the time lapse mode, I won’t get sick viewing my video and it makes it a lot shorter too.  This latest video isn’t bad but I think its too long.  I also had to make it on my Windows 10 desktop instead of my MacBook Pro so I wasn’t able to add the iMovie pizzaz I normally do.  The GoPro editing software isn’t bad but I still like the tools Apple gives me for free.  If they only made it easier to add external videos that weren’t made on the iPhone, it would solve my problem of what computer to get next.


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