Facebook Mobile

I have been only a Facebook user for a few months. I look at it regularly and stuff and even downloaded the app for my Palm OS phone so that I can keep up to date and everything but I always seem to go to the mobile site instead of firing up the application I downloaded. It seems that the app for Palm is definitely lacking in functionality and features and the web version is just a little better over all in terms of checking status for my people and looking at my wall.

I also have the iPod Touch and I downloaded the Facebook app for that and its way cooler than the one for Palm. When I’m at home I can use that instead of logging on my laptop and do a ton more stuff. As cool as it is, its not enough for me to get an iPhone and switch to AT&T. I haven’t seen the one for Windows Mobile yet but I would like to just to see how good it is.

Now as for MySpace, I barely check that site at all anymore. The mobile site is crap and I don’t think anyone uses it anymore anyway. Well thats it for tonight, I’m tired and its time for bed. I’ll probably update my Facebook status tomorrow from my phone before work as usual 🙂


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