New Jacket and Work Out Gear

Today I went out with my wife to do a little shopping at The Sports Authority. She always gets these coupons for so many dollars off if you spend so much money. She printed up two of them for us so that we could go shopping just in case we needed them. I ended up buying wind pants and a jacket by Adidas which is one of my fav brands for athletic wear. When I go to the gym, I don’t wear any one brand like most people (Nike shirts, Adidas pants, and Asics sneakers). I supposed I don’t have brand loyalty but the stuff I bought today is meant to keep me warm during the winter when I go to and from the gym. I don’t have a problem with the cold when I’m away from home because I use the gym at the hotel. I already had one pair of the Adidas pants I bought today in a different color and they are nice which is why I bought another pair.

I didn’t plan on it but I also bought a jacket for Fall/Spring but I’m hoping that I can use it for Winter as well. I bought a North Face jacket called the Apex which is totally awesome. It has the two features that I require, its wind resistant and water proof. I was going to get a regular fleece but using the wisdom of my wife, I decided on the Apex instead. I must say that it looks quite nice, I’ll be testing this jacket out next week when I’m in Atlanta. It should be fairly cold and windy so it should be a great test. The best part, its small enough for me to pack into my carry on luggage really easily.

I’ll give my review on it at the end of next week, I’m going to use it with my EMS gloves for ultimate warmth. Now the only thing I’ll need is something to keep my legs warm since my dress pants in winter doesn’t do anything for me.


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