Circuit City’s Demise!

Yesterday I went to Circuit City to see if there were any bargains in the store and I thought that I found a few. I had a Western Digital 500GB had drive ($140), 2 spindles of DVD-R’s ($12), and the game Gears of War 2 ($60) in my clutches. Everything was supposed to be 10 percent off and the prices on the tags seemed cheap. I was tempted to get a DVD player for the upstairs TV and maybe even get a 36″ LCD TV but my wife was good at curbing my spending. There was even a Sony Laptop that we saw that seemed decent and I was all ready to get it but she vetoed that idea as well.

Now when I got to the checkout line some of the prices weren’t syncing up. The hard drive was $180 and the spindles of DVD-R’s were $38! That wasn’t the price I saw on the tags but the girl at the register didn’t want to confirm the price. Needless to say I didn’t buy those items but I did pick up Gears of War 2 since that has been on my wishlist for a long time. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Circuit City went the way of the Dodo. Even during a liquidation sale Best Buy’s prices were still better overall on almost everything, that is just sad right there.

The extra money that I was going to spend on the TV or laptop will now go towards our Anniversary vacation in May, just a nice weekend getaway to recharge and all that. I have to research it a bit more with my wife but I do know that if I can do it, I’m using my points so its as free as possible.


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