myTouch 4G Ordered

As part of my new job comes a new phone.  Well I didn’t HAVE to get a new phone, I chose to get a new phone.  Even though I’m still in consulting, I’m trying more and more to separate my work and my life.  Doing so comes with some sacrifices and one of them is carrying a separate phone for work.  My company is very security conscious so I had the choice of either un–jailbreaking my phone or getting one just for work.  I chose the latter since I like jailbreaking my iPhone.  Doing this also gave me 2 rare opportunities that a lot of people don’t get with their jobs

1) I get to buy a new phone that is running Android which I have wanted to try out (using the SDK on my computer just isn’t the same)

2) I get to see how tMobile’s service is in my area and when traveling since AT&T stinks!

I went to a tMobile store a while ago just to give a test drive and I was impressed with how the phone worked compared to my iPhone.  I know that the new Honeycomb OS is going to be released soon and I’m hoping that HTC is good enough to provide an update to the phone firmware.  Since this is a work only phone, I won’t be going crazy with the app downloads if any at all.  I won’t be burning minutes like I used to when I was with my old company because I couldn’t expense a company phone easily, and I won’t have big brother having the ability to see the data on my phone.  The downside is that I have to use groupware to view my calendar and email so the native functions on the phone won’t be of much use.  I’ll still do some personal stuff on the phone just as a test and to see if I want one in the future but I wouldn’t count on me switching from AT&T or getting the iPhone 5.  I just submitted the order yesterday so I’m eagerly awaiting the phone, I’m hoping that they do free overnight shipping or something so I can have it by Friday before I have to head out to a client for work.

I guess I need to read up on how Android is different from my iPhone and learn to manage/carry both devices.  Woohoo new tech gadget for me!


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