Lent is over, time to invade Facebook again!

This year my wife and I gave up Facebook for Lent. That’s a little different and I posted about giving it up a few months ago. Well Easter has come and gone and now I’m able to check and post to Facebook with reckless abandon once again. The break from Facebook was good but it was quite interesting to see how much I did sort of miss and there are people that my wife and I connect with regularly that use Facebook a ton.

The break was good for me though, I did need a little break from the News Feed, I did use Twitter as a different way to keep up with things it it just wasn’t the same. I also wasn’t able to use Facebook Chat which kind of stinks. Some people that I know use Facebook chat as their default messaging service, I’m kinda old school and still use AIM and Google Talk to say hi virtually to friends and family.

Needless to say I’ve been binging a little bit since I was able to go back and check on stuff. I think once I get back into a good rhythm I will be checking things less and posting less. Kind of like how I used to be on fire with this blog but it always takes a back seat until I get some inspiration to actually write something which doesn’t happen too often now since I have my daughter to play with at home. It’s nice to be back on the social network known as Facebook but it’s also nice to know that I can also survive without it.


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