AT&T Data Caps SUCK

I was reading my Google Reader feed on my iPad last night when I came across an article that says that AT&T is going to start putting data caps on people that subscribe to their home DSL.  The suggested cap I think is 250GB which is pretty generous by any means but I still don’t like the idea of a cap.  AT&T has instituted caps on mobile data already and that stinks.  I got around it by signing up early with an unlimited data plan but there won’t be any way for me to avoid the data cap on my home DSL account since it affects everyone.

AT&T uses speed as the way to charge people for DSL and not how much data is consumed.  If this is going to be the approach, they should still allow unlimited data.  Most of what they tout is that if you can’t get decent data speeds on your mobile device, you can always use Wifi at home but wait, we’re going to cap you there just so we can get our two cents if you end up going the limits we’re going to impose on your account.  If there are caps, then by gosh, make us all super fast so we can eat up data at a greater rate so I’m only paying for data and not speed anymore.

Something really needs to be done about this at some point.  Data is really not all that expensive and where are all my taxes going to improve the infrastructure?  I see it on my DSL bill every month that some part of my payment goes to expanding the infrastructure to rural areas, I think most rural areas are pretty well covered by now, the only question now is capacity.  It’s not my fault that telecom and cable companies failed to anticipate the growth of the internet and the onset of online video.  Any fool with half a brain who lives in the tech age knows that most of what we’re going to consume is online.  I’d like to see what businesses are going to start being charged.  There are MASSIVE amounts of data going through corporate pipes and all of them are served by one of the telecom companies or multiple telecom companies to ensure that data is flowing freely.  I think its time to introduce regulation again for the internet because this is just killing me having to pay for data which I need to get things in my life accomplished and not having enough data to get it all done.

If I had another choice besides Verizon or Comcast, I might take it but there isn’t any other choice besides the big 3 down here in South Florida.  I tried my old ISP Earthlink but they only offer 56K dial up and Satellite.  I’ll struggle on until I get pissed enough to switch and then I’ll switch services every few months to get the best rate.  Charging as much as they do for capped internet is GARBAGE!


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