Should I Pick T-Mobile?

The new iPhones have been announced and I probably won’t pick up one for myself personally but I am thinking of switching services from AT&T to T-Mobile.  I’m on one of those grandfathered unlimited data plans but the amount of money I spend for 3 lines is pretty expensive even with my corporate discount.  T-Mobile has some good plans including ones with unlimited data out now and the plans are cheaper full price than my current plan.

My current worry is that I need to give over 3 smart phones so I can get T-Mobile to pay for my contract cancellation fees.  I do have that many old smart phones but I don’t want to give them up since I do have some uses for them.  Also I’m a little worried about the speed I’ll get when I travel on their LTE network.  I’m ok with what I get with AT&T for coverage and speed but the pricing is starting to kill me the more I think about it.  I’ll do more research into this before I make any big decisions.  Once I leave AT&T I won’t have my unlimited data plan nor could I go back if I don’t like T-Mobile.  I’ll ask my father how he likes it since he just did the switch.

In the mean time I have to get ready to pre-order my iPhone for work.  That should be fun considering how early in the morning I’ll have to be up (3am).  The things I do for the latest tech.

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