No Internet is Semi Liberating

I just got back from an awesome resort in Vermont called The Tyler Place thats about 3 miles from the Canadian border.  I discovered this resort when I was looking for a place to spend a week away with my family that included everything like food and activities.  I knew going into it that internet might be spotty but I almost had a total lack of connectivity since I was so close to Canada and kept on picking up signals from Rogers, Telus, and Bell instead of my normal AT&T.  I saw that there was wifi but I didn’t know that it would be fairly limited to their main building (there are numerous cotteges at the resort and I don’t know if they have wifi).  I also took a side trip to Montreal and I didn’t have any internet there because the hotel I was staying in had really bad wifi conectivity.

Not having a good connection was both frustrating but also a good thing.  It was frustrating since I was trying to upload my pictures to Google and iCloud.  I took a lot of pictures with my iPhone and I wanted to make sure everything was backed up.  I also needed to download some additional books that I kept on Box so that I would have something to read when I wasn’t out and about doing activities.  I also wanted to get some of my email but that wasn’t happening on a consistent basis unless I was at the Inn but judging by the pictures I took it was actually worth being outdoors all the time and enjoying nature.

The liberating aspect of not having good internet is that I wasn’t able to be on my phone as much as I wanted so I pretty much ignored my phone except to take pictures of things.  I think thats what actually made my vacation aweome, the fact that I was uable to be connected through the internet all the time and answering all the different dings and alarms that come with owning a smart phone and tablet.  There’s defnitely something to be said of just going out doors and enjoying whats around you and the fact that I was with my family to do all these things made it all the better.

I might do something like that again at another resort or if I travel outside of the country.  The only time I really missed having internet access is when I need my GPS or Google to look up things like where can I get some snacks or how can I get to the nearest subway station to get back to my hotel.  In those instances thats where being connected online would be useful.

The absolute best part though about not always being connected?  I can’t receive any work related emails or messages during my vacation. 🙂

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