Two Weeks of Travel Left for 2014

It’s almost the end of 2014 and I am only two weeks away from being able to stay home for the rest of 2014. I’m looking forward to spending more time at home with the family and to open some of the Christmas presents waiting under the tree.

I’ve gotten my Platinum status with American, my Platinum status with SPG, my Diamond status with Hilton, and Presidents Circle with Hertz. That should take care of my status for 2015 while I travel. I’ll have to do a lot of travel once again for 2015 to keep my status but with my current client load that shouldn’t be a huge problem. I’m still considering if I should hold on to my Hilton status or if I should just completely switch over to SPG in the future.

The holidays should be fun filled and maybe I’ll actually get to drive my car around. I already have some time at Disney planned which should be fun, the difference being is that I’ll be at an actual Disney hotel rather than my customary Hilton. The wife and I did this primarily so that our daughter could enjoy seeing the animals from our room. Also it was a way for us to stay on the property and be closer to the attractions and also be able to enjoy just the stuff the hotel has to offer. Unfortunately Disney does not have a rewards program for hotel stays or partners with any of the major ones (they kind of do, the Swan and Dolphin are considered Sheratons) but those hotels are really blah when you consider how cool the real Disney hotels are.

I guess traveling to Orlando is a little different than my normal stuff. It will be with my family for one and on the other hand I’ll be driving instead of flying. I guess when I first started this post I really meant two weeks of work travel left for 2014, road trips weren’t included. Either way, I’m going to be glad to get off of planes for a while with all its cramped seats and recycled air. Only 3 more flights and then sweet freedom!


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