Christmas time is here, let the spending begin!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and it’s now time for Christmas. Myself and the family were able to get the tree up in record time by using Black Friday to trim the tree and decorate the house instead of going outside to shop with all the crazy people. Just like in years past we did most of our shopping online to take advantage of our Amazon Prime membership and all the other free shipping deals that were available.

Today being Cyber Monday, some of the online deals are even better than Black Friday. I’m flying out this morning so I can’t take advantage of everything that I see online. Before I took off I did get some Lego’s that were dirt cheap that I can use to play with my daughter and of course it’s also for me to have some fun and relive my youth. I have more things to get but they’ll have to wait until I land. I definitely like shopping on my iPad, it makes it easier to spend my money and I can see all the latest deals using my DealNews app.

The only part I’m bad at is wrapping so I’ll have to get them wrapped by the place I buy them from or have my wife so it for me. Well except for her gifts of course, I can’t her wrapping her own Christmas gift. The hard part about traveling is that I have to ship everything to the house and it will most likely get there when I’m not. I might change the wrapping if it’s cheesy or something but hopefully it will hide what I’m getting the Mrs.

Time to relax for the rest of my flight before I touch down in freezing Chicago for work.


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