You suck iTunes!

Now that that is out of the way, I’ll tell you why.  iTunes is used for a ton of shit  by Apple, by far the only thing I really want to use it for is to backup and restore iDevices that I own.  The process itself is too time consuming, it literally takes hours for me to do a backup of my iPhone and it shouldn’t be that way.  Tonight I’m trying to do a restore and it just keeps on telling me that my back is corrupt or not compatible.  I mean seriously, wtf!  Thats all the info I get?  No other error code like a Windows Blue Screen of Death or something?

I’m going from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8 and from 128GB to 256GB.  There is more than enough space on this sucker to hold all the previous data I had and most of the time thats the problem.  I’ve tried all the tried and true solutions as well, I’ve restarted the computer, restarted the phone, restored the phone as a new iPhone, I’m even chatting with Apple Support as I write this blog post to see if there is something they can help me with to get my data back.  Truth be told, all my data is somewhere in the cloud but its setting all that shit up again that pisses me off the most.

I literally have almost 200 apps on the phone and they’re all configured a certain way.  There is also all the health data thats been collected from my iPhone 6 and 7 that I need to recover, and all the settings (although most of that can come through differently but its still a pain in my ass.  The restore process itself could be way better too.  There is still too much intervention needed by the user in order to get the phone up and running again.  I know there are things like Touch ID, Apple Wallet, Location and Privacy BS that need to be asked but that can be asked AFTER the phone is up and running in my opinion.  Just get the thing going and then have something else for a more detailed setup wizard after a restore.  The restore should skip these steps and remember what was already on the phone rather than asking these questions again and again.

I hope that the backup that I chose to restore from is complete, if it isn’t and I deleted the wrong backup I’m going to be really pissed tonight.  I was able to finally get the restore going on the phone, I had to update to the public beta and then presto it finally started going.  Thats so weird that the operating systems kinda have to match to do a restore.  I think Apple really needs to re-think iTunes and how to make this entire process better.  It still reeks of the original iTunes that I used back in the 90’s with my iPod.  The graphics has changed to go with the whole design language that Apple uses but the overall nuts and bolts haven’t really changed all that much and the interface still sucks.

There should be something dedicated just for iOS backup and restore and like I’ve stated in past blog posts, iCloud backups should be free if you have a device and the amount of data the device holds should be what you get for free for every device and not just the account.  The largest account that you can pay for presently is 2TB for $9.99 a month.  Truthfully thats too rich for my blood but Apple won’t let you backup anywhere else except for your MacBook through iTunes or through  iCloud.  Oh and that iCloud backup doesn’t have all your apps and shit, just your data.  How freaking horrible is that?

OK rant over, this thing is going to have to run overnight and then I’ll have to get up early and do another 2 hours worth of configuration most likely before I go to church.


Our Terrible Experience with Delta Airlines

I’m in my way back from HNL trying to get home and as luck would have it, the plane that I was supposed to fly out on is broken. The kicker to that is that this A330 is broken in such a way that a part needs to be flown in from LAX. As fortune smiles on me even more, the inbound plane from LAX is delayed so everyone and their mother is rebooked on anything flying out. In my opinion, if you are flying a route with a particular plane, at least have repair parts at both ends to fix the damn plane! Now I paid over 2K to get lie flat seats, a meal, and entertainment system on my flight to and from HNL. After talking to Delta, all they can offer me is $200 Delta dollars and a $10 voucher for food. Now that in my humble opinion is totall bullshit and does not make up for the inconvenience of having to wait in the airport for another flight, having to connect through two cities instead of one, and having to give up all the creature comforts I PAID for. The $200 Delta Dollars is frankly an insult, I should get 2 round trip tickets anywhere on the fucking planet I want to go in First Class. I’d love to see a customer service rep deal with a sleep deprived baby waiting all this extra time and trying to sprint from one gate to another in 2 unfamiliar airports.

The gate agents were offering $400 and a night at a hotel to give up their seats for another flight the next day. I know that Delta should be able offer a first class paying customer more than $200 Delta Dollars for all my inconvenience. If that’s all they can do, then they have just lost a customer until United decides to fuck me over somehow. Congratulations Delta, I can now say you are the second worst airline next to US Airways in my opinion.

I’ll be sure to to light up Delta Airlines plenty on twitter in the next few days and maybe even on the Flyer Talk forums just for good measure. You can bet I’ll be flying United the next time I choose to go anywhere for vacation or even American over Delta after I milk them for all the travel vouchers I know are coming to me.

AT&T Data Caps SUCK

I was reading my Google Reader feed on my iPad last night when I came across an article that says that AT&T is going to start putting data caps on people that subscribe to their home DSL.  The suggested cap I think is 250GB which is pretty generous by any means but I still don’t like the idea of a cap.  AT&T has instituted caps on mobile data already and that stinks.  I got around it by signing up early with an unlimited data plan but there won’t be any way for me to avoid the data cap on my home DSL account since it affects everyone.

AT&T uses speed as the way to charge people for DSL and not how much data is consumed.  If this is going to be the approach, they should still allow unlimited data.  Most of what they tout is that if you can’t get decent data speeds on your mobile device, you can always use Wifi at home but wait, we’re going to cap you there just so we can get our two cents if you end up going the limits we’re going to impose on your account.  If there are caps, then by gosh, make us all super fast so we can eat up data at a greater rate so I’m only paying for data and not speed anymore.

Something really needs to be done about this at some point.  Data is really not all that expensive and where are all my taxes going to improve the infrastructure?  I see it on my DSL bill every month that some part of my payment goes to expanding the infrastructure to rural areas, I think most rural areas are pretty well covered by now, the only question now is capacity.  It’s not my fault that telecom and cable companies failed to anticipate the growth of the internet and the onset of online video.  Any fool with half a brain who lives in the tech age knows that most of what we’re going to consume is online.  I’d like to see what businesses are going to start being charged.  There are MASSIVE amounts of data going through corporate pipes and all of them are served by one of the telecom companies or multiple telecom companies to ensure that data is flowing freely.  I think its time to introduce regulation again for the internet because this is just killing me having to pay for data which I need to get things in my life accomplished and not having enough data to get it all done.

If I had another choice besides Verizon or Comcast, I might take it but there isn’t any other choice besides the big 3 down here in South Florida.  I tried my old ISP Earthlink but they only offer 56K dial up and Satellite.  I’ll struggle on until I get pissed enough to switch and then I’ll switch services every few months to get the best rate.  Charging as much as they do for capped internet is GARBAGE!