Windows 10 S: Another Windows Version???

I watched the replay of the Microsoft EDU event and along with everything else that was announced was another WIndows version.  Ever since Windows XP there have been tons of versions of Windows.  My desktop actually came with Windows XP Media Center edition, but I upgraded it to Windows XP Pro which was the business … Continue reading Windows 10 S: Another Windows Version???

I want a touch screen Mac!

I've been following this argument online for a while and I think it's time that Apple come to the realization that having a touch screen computer that runs OSX would be awesome!  I've tried using an iPad Pro at a store and I have an iPad Air 2 as a personal device but I want … Continue reading I want a touch screen Mac!

I despise the “iCloud Full” error

I'll freely admit that I'm a pretty heavy user of all things iOS with all the iPads, my iPhone and my legacy iPhones still being used in my home.  My iPhone 6 is awesome and I use it to constantly take pictures and video of things around me when I travel and when I'm at … Continue reading I despise the “iCloud Full” error